How Gudrun Sjödén Reaches 3x More Customers



Increase in branded, indirect & direct search queries


Increase in impressions on Google Maps and Google Search


Increase in clicks to website and clicks to navigate

Executive Summary

Uberall and one of their digital agency partners created an effective local marketing strategy for one of Germany’s fastest-growing sustainable fashion retailers.

Gudrun Sjödén is an eco-friendly boutique fashion and home textile retailer headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1976, the brand offers colorful, sustainable fashion and natural materials for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes—as well as home textiles that feature the brand’s signature emphasis on functional, simple Scandinavian design.

The Challenge

With 11 locations across Germany, and regional offices in Zirndorf, the brand was challenged to reach and engage German customers in the way it wanted to. Lacking an advanced solution for location and listings control and reputation management, Gudrun Sjödén also found these tasks time-consuming. While the retailer had tried various options to manage online location information, adequately respond to comments, and present and maintain accurate store data across all major directories—they had not yet found one they felt was effective.

Turning to their agency partner in Düsseldorf, Germany, Gudrun Sjödén outlined their goals for a location marketing platform, including:

  • Higher visibility for stores
  • Better SEO
  • A single source for managing business reputation information and listings

The Solution

The agency suggested Uberall—a solution they have white-labeled for local search presence and ‘Near Me’ marketing—citing benefits such as time-saving, centralized valuation management, content publication, and customer engagement across locations.

Gudrun Sjödén has been delighted with the results. With the help of their partner and Uberall’s Listings and Engage tools, the retailer can now use a single platform to manage their digital presence and respond to each location’s reviews across all platforms.

The company was also pleasantly surprised by their ability to publish posts simultaneously to all locations—which they say has resulted in significant time-saving. In 2020, with the retail challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Gudrun Sjödén has found Uberall’s ability to quickly publish content and updates especially helpful—along with their ability to see and respond to data around user engagement.

The Results

The results have been evident in the increased reach and engagement the client has seen—even during the pandemic:

  • Gudrun Sjödén’s review response rate rose by 70% between 2019 and 2020. Between 2011 and 2019, the retailer saw a reply rate of only 6%. Between May 2019 and November 2020, that response rate went up to 76%.
  • Gudrun Sjödén’s SEO presence has also expanded. The retailer now appears in 3x more search queries than before working with their partner and Uberall. The company saw search results increase from a total of 2.3M queries in the eight years from 2011 to April 2019 to more than 7.1M queries in just the year and a half between May 2019 and Nov 2020.
  • In that same time period, the retailer has increased website impressions from 5.2M to 12.7M—an increase of 144%—along with a 57.7% increase in clicks for website and driving directions.

Both the Gudrun Sjödén team and their agency partner have also remarked on the high quality of support Uberall has provided for open questions and requests regarding tool usage and new features.

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Resolution Media in the Nordic countries has now adopted the Uberall platform and added significant value for a whole host of pan-regional clients, each with hundreds or even thousands of locations.

In the case of Specsavers – also known as Louis Nielsen in Denmark – the outcomes have been impressive. By connecting listings for Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden in the Uberall platform, Resolution created a holistic view of Specsavers’s regional brand reputation while allowing staff to respond to reviews at the local level.

Resolution also standardized all of Specsavers’s Facebook accounts – even creating new accounts for some locations that didn’t have them. The drive to optimize the optical specialists’ social presence paid off: Clicks increased by 83% and impressions soared by 139% (Jan 2020 vs Jan 2021).