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Maximize Growth with Hypertargeted Social Ads

Convert your customers faster by localizing your ad campaigns at scale. Uberall Social Ads make it possible to target ads to local customers and promote your offer when they're one step away from a purchase.

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Why You Should Care


better at driving conversions (location-based campaigns vs national campaigns)

2.5 hrs

per day is the average amount of time that people spend on social media worldwide


of consumers said they took action, like visiting a shop or purchasing, after seeing a product or service on Instagram

Locally-Flavored Ads as Simple as ABC

Social Ads is for multi-location businesses and franchises that want to effortlessly create truly location-specific, targeted ads. Launching campaigns is as easy as picking a template—just set budget, duration, and launch.

  • Guided publishing UI walks you through the relevant steps to publish ads

  • Template library helps you quickly launch high-converting, on-brand campaigns

  • Placeholder fields automatically pull location-specific info to personalize the copy of your ad

Amplify the Bang for the Buck

Which image attracts more customers? Which CTA generates more clicks?

Smart marketers A/B test their ads; the smartest ones automate it.

  • Guided publishing UI walks you through the relevant steps to publish ads

  • Test multiple versions of an ad with a single varying element (e.g. image, copy, CTA)

  • Automatically carry forward the best-performing element to the next campaign

Analytics that Supercharge Growth

Quickly understand how you can increase ROAS as you monitor your performance from the brand to the location level. Drill down to gain valuable insights and compare ad performance between campaigns, locations, and regions.

  • View performance insights in real-time or generate reports to share

  • Measure conversions to understand how your campaigns perform

  • Track your investment at the brand, group, and location level to surface your efficacy

Your Business, Your Way

Scale localized social campaigns regardless of how you collaborate with your franchisees, local teams, or agency partners. It’s easy for you to run campaigns for them, with them, or to give them the liberties and templates to do it themselves.

  • Operational adaptability lets you run campaigns with the workflows that work for you

  • Customizable permissions control who can access, edit, and launch campaigns before they go live

  • Budget and payment flexibility give you the freedom to execute local ad campaigns your way

“The unique targeting capabilities make it simple for us to deliver localized advertising across markets with a few clicks, and the reporting tells a clear story of the return we’re getting on each campaign run.”

Justin McCoy

VP of Marketing at Cousins Subs


to reach customers with hyperfocus when they’re nearby the promoted location

Automated A/B Testing

lets you carry forward the best-performing elements of an ad to increase engagement and lower ad costs

Real-Time Insights

to understand performance and make data-informed adjustments to improve your ROI

Template Library

to build your own repository of success-proven, on-brand campaigns

Dynamic Text Fields

to localize post copy and images effortlessly

Customizable Permissions

to control who can access, edit, and launch campaigns before go-live

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