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Let Data Lead the Way to More Revenue

Centralize the data that shows how customers find, experience, and interact with your locations online, so you can get the insights you need to maximize performance and ROI.


of marketers believe analytics are essential to understanding customers


of marketing spend is saved by having integrated marketing & analytics


increase in impressions for Uberall clients leveraging the full platform*

*Month over month improvement based on averages across our relevant client base.

Gain Global Oversight

See the impact of your local marketing efforts across all channels and take targeted action to boost the performance of specific locations or regions.

  • Visibility and conversion metrics like search keywords, views, clicks, and calls can be tracked over time and across locations.

  • Review volume, ratings, and response rates tell you how well your locations are fulfilling customer expectations.

  • Account, label, city, and location filters help you pinpoint opportunities and areas or locations that need more support.

Know How You Rank, Locally

The Local SEO Report functionality not only enables you to run, view, and export critical Local SEO data, but also let you compare the rank performance across all your locations in keywords your care about.

  • Benchmark your locations' visibility for specific keywords and see how they rank.

  • Spot local differences and opportunities so you can refine your SEO and SEM tactics.

  • See how your locations rank by keywords and understand how your audience finds you.

Look Beyond Ratings

Ratings are important, but they only tell part of the story. Sentiment Analysis transforms written reviews from across the web into clear, actionable insights you can use to improve customer experience.

  • Advanced natural language processing model delivers exceptionally accurate insights, tailored to your industry.

  • Sentiment scores reveal operational strengths and weaknesses to help improve operations.

  • Sentiment by location allows you to compare customer sentiment from location to location.

  • Reviews panel lets you easily read the reviews behind each location’s sentiment scores.

Personalized To-Do List

Highlights quick wins that boost profile completeness and your ability to get found, be chosen, and drive loyalty.

Insights Cards

Instantly see how many locations perform better or worse than competitors for views, clicks, and ratings.

Advanced Export Capabilities (API, CSV)

Dig even deeper into the data and integrate with other systems.

With Analytics we can see how our offline marketing campaigns perform at the local level in ultra-fine detail—this has opened the door to numerous possibilities for analyzing data. Everything was easy and simple to understand, and of everyone that used Analytics during the testing phase, no one said ‘How do I use this?’. It was straightforward, clear and easy to use.

Louise Wiseman

Senior SEO Manager, TUI

Using Uberall CoreX as a single source of truth is incredibly valuable for us. When we align internally, CoreX is the platform we look at to find the relevant data. This helps us break down departmental silos and have a unified approach as a team. But more importantly, to get a complete overview of where we stand against our KPIs. CoreX made our life easier, as we don’t need to use many different documents anymore—our CX metrics are all easily accessible in one place.

Lorenz Fuchs

E-Commerce Business Development Manager, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW

Analytics enables me to verify my forecasts and accurately measure the performance of our sites throughout France and the French overseas territories. Thanks to the ease of use and presentation of basic data, we can make particularly precise decisions for our companies. This enables us to support the local branches in their web-to-store conversions and prove that the marketing activities we carry out are worthwhile. The figures speak for themselves!

Harris Bengue

Digital Marketing Manager, SGS

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