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Accelerate the Growth of Your Stations

Whether they’re planning a trip or looking for a fast refuel or recharge, drivers are using voice, mobile search, maps, and apps to find services on the road. Make your station their first stop with Uberall CoreX.

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Capture Attention of Nearby Drivers

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Alleviate Range Anxiety

When they’re in need of a recharge, drivers want to be sure they can find and navigate to the right charging point. With Uberall CoreX, you can easily manage and verify each of your stations’ key business info—like opening hours and payment options—alongside advanced EV data such as charger types and availability. That way, EV drivers have the confidence they need to choose your charging points on search, maps, and navigation platforms.

Be the Rest Stop of Choice

Whether locals are looking for a new go-to gas station or drivers need to refuel far from home, get your gas stations to the top of their search results. Plus, promote the amenities located in your stations, like car washes, convenience stores, cafes, or service offerings (pin-within-a-pin).

One Click from Search to Your Station

When drivers nearby are looking to fill up or recharge their cars, ensure that your fuel or charging station is the one they navigate to.

Make sure your stations show up in all major maps and apps, and showcase products and services like convenience items, food, and beverages, car wash, or service options—all in a single pin.

Prime Profiles to Get Found

Uberall CoreX helps drivers find your local stations when they need a pit stop on their journey—in search engines, apps, map platforms, and more.

Show off Your Amenities

Uberall’s pin-within-a-pin solution lets you optimize for multiple functions all in one location. That way, a fuel station, EV charging point, convenience store, and carwash can all rank individually in local searches.

Drive Traffic To Your Station

Leverage your national brand and make finding and choosing your local stations even easier with localized information, hours, photos, and more.

Optimize for Voice Search

Uberall CoreX optimizes your business data for voice search, so you’ll be suggested more often by voice assistants in hands-free search.

"The future of the automotive industry is electric, so it is of the utmost importance for us to also offer electric vehicle users the right solutions when searching for the closest charging station. With Uberall, we have a partner on our side who is evolving with the technological trends and, in so doing, enabling us to play a pioneering role."

Christin Schmiedke

Marketing Specialist, AGROLA

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