Effortlessly Grow with Conversational Commerce

“Can I reserve a table? Do you have that book? Are you open right now?” Customers want quick answers to specific questions, and with Messages, you can give them personalized answers around the clock.

Uberall Messages makes it ridiculously easy (and profitable!) to chat with thousands of local customers across channels like Google, Facebook, or your web pages. How? The AI-powered Message Assistant simply does it for you.

Messaging Matters


of people are more likely to shop with a business that they can message directly.


of people who message businesses do so to make a reservation or purchase.


of people who message businesses ask about products or services

Sources: Facebook

Conversational Commerce With Delight

AI-powered Message Assistant taps into a wide range of knowledge bases — from local stock levels and loyalty schemes to FAQs and booking systems — to deliver rich, accurate, and engaging responses that drive revenue.

Offer customers the most convenient way to connect with your business—and turn their requests into bookings, leads, and sales.

  • 24/7 availability so customers can directly feel taken care of.

  • AI-powered chatbot that answers most customer questions instantly and drives purchases and bookings.

  • Multi-channel capability lets you easily activate chats on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and any of your global and local web pages.

An AI-Powered Message Assistant That Truly Knows Its Business—and Yours

Your Message Assistant uses the verified data from your locations and knowledge bases to accurately respond to customer questions.

  • Cutting-edge natural language processing, powered by leading AI models, creates lifelike customer interactions.

  • A business-savvy, turnkey solution that is pre-trained on your locations’ details and can be set up in 5 minutes.

  • Made for multi-location businesses so you can set up customized chatbots for each location—with their own names, profile pictures, and languages.

Messaging Made Easy

Uberall Messages brings the most popular direct messaging channels to one single interface, so you can efficiently respond to all customers.

  • Consolidate messaging channels like Google, Facebook, and any of your web pages on a central platform.

  • Manage customer requests at scale by activating chatbots across multiple locations.

  • View and respond to messages and see all past interactions between customers and your teams or chatbots.

Multiple Platforms

See and respond to messages on multiple messaging platforms, such as Google and Facebook Messenger.

Wide Knowledge Base

The chatbot knows all about your locations, what they have in stock, and the answer to customer FAQs.

Easy Setup and Rollout

Get your chatbot up and running in only 5 minutes and connect it to as many locations you like.

Efficient Workflows

Respond via live agents or activate the chatbot on selected locations, while tracking all interactions in one place.

Quality Assurance

Make sure you don’t miss a single request. View and search all conversations and mark them resolved.

Messaging History

The conversation view shows all interactions with the same customer in one thread.

Uberall Messages enables us to implement conversational commerce with ease and confidence. Thanks to Messages, we’ve been able to automate a large number of responses, particularly appointment requests.

Julie Letizia

Digital Marketing Project Manager at DEKRA

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