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The world’s best businesses know revenue growth doesn’t happen by chasing prospects—but by charming customers.

At Uberall, we can help your customer experience team adapt to an increasingly hybrid world, meeting customers where they are. We will help you create convenient, seamless experiences that span online and offline channels, keeping your customers coming back and bringing others with them.

Used by The Most Innovative Customer Experience Teams

Build Customer Knowledge and Solve CX Issues

  • Customer Experience Leadership (CXO)
  • Customer Support Lead
  • Location Manager
  • Voice of the Customer Manager

Orchestrate a Seamless and Satisfying Journey

With consumer needs and expectations constantly changing you simply have to be quick to adapt, and the right technology can help you understand and remedy pain points with more agility.

Customer Experience leaders love Uberall CoreX for its ability to create seamless experiences from online to offline, manage the brand's local online reputation at scale, and reveal real-time insights into customer sentiment.

Conquer Customer Concerns With Consistency

Customer support is one of the most important functions for building positive, lasting customer relationships—and one of the most challenging.

With Uberall CoreX, ensure consistency in how complaints are dealt with, both online and offline. Review response templates ensure an on-brand and consistent responses to feedback good and bad.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

As a location manager, you know your local customer’s needs better than anyone else. Don’t let your customer engagement be confined just to the four walls of your location.

With Uberall CoreX you’ll have a say in your local customer’s experience across the physical and digital world. And you can do it all from the palm of your hand with our mobile app. Easily engage your customers by responding to reviews, posting local offers, special events, and celebrations.

Step Into the Customer’s Shoes With Uberall CoreX

Data, analytics and insights are the lifeblood of your VoC program, helping you better understand and optimize every step of the customer journey.

With Uberall CoreX and its Insights, Analytics and Sentiment Analysis engine, you’ll find a wealth of information to inform your customer experience initiatives. Piloting a new customer experience initiative in a handful of locations? We’ve got you covered with real-time customer reactions down to a single store.

Build a Higher-Performing Omni-Channel Experience

Your CX team needs to understand and address the most pressing CX challenges, whether it’s responding to near term customer preference changes or managing against long term metrics like NPS.

Uberall CoreX gives you the tools, insight and analytics to pinpoint problems and ensure the voice of the customer is central to all your customer-facing conversations, decisions and designs.

Track Customer Sentiment

Uncover trends, dig into specific location reviews, and determine how adjustments affect the way customers feel about your brand or any location over time.

Ensure Consistent Responses

Reviewing response templates ensure online responses to concerns, complaints, and feedback, both good and bad, is consistent with phone or offline responses.

Turn Poor CX into Positive

Pinpoint negative reviews and reply quickly in order to rectify the situation or encourage the customer to give the business another try.

Reward Your Fans

Keep your happy customers coming back and even transform them into vocal, energetic fans that introduce others to your brand with local social contests, offers and discounts.

Analyze Your CX KPIs

Gain insight into the impact of your customer experience initiatives across your entire network or down to a single region or location.

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