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Today’s consumers begin their retail customer experience online, long before they set foot in your store. In fact, more than half will visit a store intending to purchase within 24 hours of an online query. Uberall CoreX creates a consistent experience that engages and wins customer loyalty from search to store visit all the way to a positive online review.

Used by the world’s most forward-thinking retail brands

Online Search to In-Store Revenue

  • Grocery
  • Convenience
  • Fashion
  • Superstores
  • Shopping Centers
  • Wireless

The Trusted Local Grocer

Be the grocer of choice for local shoppers and offer them maximum convenience—whether they come into the store to choose their own veggies or stock up via online ordering or courier delivery. Uberall CoreX helps win trust and loyalty through accurate listings and store hours, top-notch reviews, and the ability to adapt offers and responses to local needs.

  • Grocery stores

  • Supermarkets

  • Delicatessens

  • Farmer’s markets

  • Co-ops

Corner Convenience

Customers seek convenience stores when they absolutely need something immediately. Such a short window between discovery and purchase means operators must be front and center when customers are nearby and looking. Uberall CoreX ensures that your convenience store will be found—even if it’s tucked into another business.

  • Kiosk

  • Mini-convenience

  • Hyper convenience

Top of Mind Fashion

Create consistency between your online and offline brand and invite customers directly into your store for a more tailored experience. Uberall CoreX boosts visibility for your brand and helps you put your best foot forward to show off your customer service in style.

  • Fashion retailers

  • Boutiques

  • Department stores

A Supersized Experience

Superstores have the benefit of an extensive local inventory with offline convenience. Take this competitive edge to the next level by creating a seamless transition from your website to your stores that showcases your customer experience and broad array of goods, services, or amenities. Uberall CoreX helps your customers know exactly what you’ve got to offer—including sales, promotions, inventory, or curbside pick-up.

  • Big box stores

  • Megastores

  • Super-centers

Showcase Your Buzz Worthy Retail Lineup

Show customers they can find what they need and create a memorable shopping experience at your shopping center. Uberall CoreX helps you stand out from the crowd and showcase your retail lineup, events, and promotions—turning online views into offline foot traffic.

Win Wireless Micro Moments

According to Google, one in three wireless shoppers start their purchase journey unsure of which provider they're going to select. Make sure it is you by getting their attention when they start searching online and directing them to your nearest retail shop. Uberall CoreX helps you get front and center and win trust when contracts are up, phones need repair, or customers are ready to switch carriers.

Combine Online Experience With In-Store Convenience

74% of retail customers prefer a physical touchpoint on their buying journey.

While a desire for convenience has diverted some toward online retailers, most consumers still want to see, touch, smell, and experience the products they buy. Help them choose your store by engaging with them whenever and wherever they look online—and reminding them that your store will provide the best possible experience.

Be Found in Micro Moments

Make sure your local stores are discovered for shoppers starting their journey online with local business profiles optimized to rank for high-intent keywords in your category.

Build Trust With Shoppers

Build confidence with shoppers starting their purchase journey online by providing online inventory, opening and closing times, special promotions, and sales by location.

Earn Loyal Customers

Show off your customer service and the high value of your in-store experience by empowering managers to routinely monitor and respond to customer reviews.

Help Shoppers Find You

With our store locator and local search optimized pages help customers see whats in store and easily navigate to the location for them.

A Better Shopping Experience

Identify what’s working and fix what’s not with real-time, actionable insights from shopper reviews using our sentiment analysis engine.

"Douglas follows a consistent omnichannel approach. It is therefore crucial that our stores can be found with the correct information in all online directories. Uberall helps us to efficiently manage our store listings, including opening hours, offers and images, ensuring we significantly strengthen our visibility and brand perception. We now manage almost all of our global location data centrally, via the Uberall platform."

Matthias Engelman

Head of Omnichannel, Douglas

Since we've been using Uberall, our overall GMB ranking has improved and we have been able to offer a more unique experience. We are notified each time we receive a new customer review, which allows us to respond really quickly. At Okaïdi, our stores respond to 75% of our online reviews and the tool enables us to thank our customers and improve the quality of our responses.

Laure Buffard

Regional Manager for Languedoc-Roussillon, IdKids/Okaïdi

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