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Perfect Precision: This is Uberall Store Locator

Getting from point A to local purchase has never been easier. Our Local Locator helps customers easily find the nearest location from your website and mobile apps, while SEO Local Pages provide location-specific information and a clear path to purchase.


of Locator or Local Page views result in an intent-based action*


influence of local page signals on local SEO rank

* Average across 1 year, aggregated from our customer data. Intent-based action means a click on CTA, driving direction, or phone call.

Help Customers Find You

Help customers effortlessly navigate to your locations with a Locator for web or mobile.

  • Combinable filters like ‘open’ and ‘free Wifi’ display locations that match customer needs.

  • Customizable CTA buttons like 'order online,’ make it easy to take the next step.

  • Pin-only locations show where you offer your products or services in shared or partner locations, such as a store-within-a-store.

Drive More Conversions

With Local Pages, connect your customer with helpful, locally-relevant engaging information and a clear path to purchase, while remaining faithfully on-brand.

  • Spotlight information about locally-available products, services, menu items, and more.

  • Leverage Store Locator Analytics to understand the performance your Local Pages' success metrics, including visits, get directions, clicks and conversions, to make informed decisions and increase conversions.

Bump Up Your Ranking

Increase web traffic with SEO-ready pages that boost local search rank for every location.

  • A single source of truth ensures data on Local Pages is consistent across the web, which is rewarded by Google and other search engines.

  • Optimized Local Pages are indexable by search engines, mobile-responsive, ADA and WCAG compliant, and voice search optimized.

  • Structured data markups and URL formatting make your Local Pages richer and more readable for search engine crawlers.

Deployment Options to Meet Your Unique Needs

Whether you want to manage your Locator & Local Pages yourself, have us take care of them, or get creative with custom builds—we’ve got you covered.

  • Local Pages are implemented and hosted on your main website domain, for total control, fast updates, and a seamless UX.

  • Managed Locator & Local Pages are built, hosted, and maintained by the team here at Uberall. It’s the super-easy way to get all the benefits, without your own developers.

  • Self Build Locator boosts your digital storefront's discoverability in search and refines the user experience by allowing customers to bookmark their favorite stores, keep them informed with diverse hour categories — from in-store hours to curbside pickups — and stir excitement for your forthcoming store launches by showcasing 'coming soon' tags.

  • The Locator API powers custom solutions like 'click and collect’ and can be used to surface location data on your website and apps.

Our local pages are now ranking much higher in local search given higher data accuracy and a local content emphasis.

Todd Jones

Digital Marketing Director, Visionworks

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