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About Us

Changing How Businesses Around the World Connect With Local Consumers

We help companies gain greater control over their online presence and reputation with software solutions to deliver a memorable ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience — from online interactions to offline sales.

As a global SaaS provider, we build a bridge between the online and offline worlds. Our software solutions give companies optimal online visibility — so businesses can easily connect with consumers at all the online touch points they have with the local outlets of a brand, from finding, persuading, buying and recommending, to returning as a regular customer.

The Founding Story

Longtime friends and business partners David Federhen and Florian Hübner shared the vision to bridge the online and offline world more effectively, so companies could generate new customers, build customer relationships and increase their sales.

They created a platform that would connect companies with local customers through search and discovery, engagement and conversion — and in 2013, Uberall was born.

We Empower Your Business to Deliver

Outstanding Experiences to Nearby Consumers

The rise of mobile search has been the game changer in recent marketing history, radically transforming consumer behaviour.

Today’s consumers are accessing a vast digital ecosystem with their smartphones, laptops, watches, voice assistants and more. They search for a product or service on Google or Bing, look at other customers' reviews on Facebook or Trustpilot and ask Siri or navigation device for the way to business.

The customer journey hasn't been linear for a long time — and if you want to win customers over, you have to provide a seamless user experience: on all devices, all search engines and all online platforms where customers search for companies.

Since 2013, we’ve been helping businesses around the world manage their digital presence, control their reputation and standout to the consumers who are searching for their products and services.

Our Global Team

The relationship with our customers, partners and each other is what drives us. Our global team of more than 400 passionate Uberallers in six offices across the world work together with the common goal of leading the evolution of 'Near Me' Brand Experience.

Global Locations

Uberall is headquartered in Berlin, with additional offices in San Francisco, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Montréal, and Detroit. Learn more about our offices here.

Our Values

We are free to be ourselves and we treat others with the respect and friendship they deserve. We want to grow together and nothing is ever only someone else’s problem. We are humble and nice and we mean well.

Grow with us

We put our heart and soul into everything we do and we are passionate about the people we do it with. We challenge ourselves and others and aspire to deliver results that leave a long-lasting impression.

Be passionate

We are bold and determined decision makers who are not afraid of mistakes. We drive for change and take ownership of our actions and decisions.                                                                                                                                                            

Drive Change

Our People

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