How Resolution Media Helped Global Clients Make Their Mark



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Increase in impressions on Facebook

Executive Summary

Performance agency Resolution is a multiple award winner at international marketing contests and a significant player in the Nordic marketing industry. Resolution helps major enterprises implement content and target consumers effectively.

Resolution is undoubtedly a success story. The work they do makes it necessary to maintain a holistic overview of its clients’ operations while pushing forward optimizations at the local level. Over the years, its subsidiary Resolution Media in the Nordic countries has achieved impressive results and built a solid Digital Transformation and Performance reputation for itself.

The Challenge

Resolution Media wanted to find a marketing solution that would ensure its clients’ business locations could benefit from both a consistent brand presence and accurate local information. Take, for example, their work with Specsavers in Scandinavia and the Netherlands: A global brand with a high number of branches that serve customers at a very local level.

The task was to preserve Specsavers’s brand integrity while refining its local footprint. The key was to ensure that customers – wherever they might be – could instantly find the location, opening hours and other details of their nearest Specsavers branch, whether they were looking for that brand in particular or just searched for “opticians near me”.

The Solution

In Uberall, Resolution found the partner they were looking for to help Specsavers optimize local activities. Uberall offers a simple yet effective tool to centralize international operations – ensuring consistency and integrity across datasets while preserving established branding.

With the Uberall platform, Specsavers was able to offer a seamless and consistent ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience across different countries and entities from a single, centralized platform. The dashboard function allowed Resolution to keep track of progress and identify areas where improvement was needed.

The Uberall Listings function was key. It ensured branch information was accurate and consistent in listings for Specsavers branches across Scandinavia and the Netherlands by drawing from a single source of truth. The Uberall platform helped Resolution to update and optimize thousands of listings on directories and social platforms. Resolution’s work and knowledge and the utilization of the Uberall platform boosted Specsavers’s ranking in local searches, helping the opticians appear exactly where customers were searching, and Uberall’s Engage function made it possible to reply to reviews across numerous sites, facilitating efficient reputation management and further building consumer trust in the brand.

Uberall helped Resolution to preserve the brand integrity of a global client while expanding its local footprint in online searches. What’s more, by leveraging automation, it did so in a fraction of the time.

The Results

Resolution Media in the Nordic countries has now adopted the Uberall platform and added significant value for a whole host of pan-regional clients, each with hundreds or even thousands of locations.

In the case of Specsavers – also known as Louis Nielsen in Denmark – the outcomes have been impressive. By connecting listings for Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden in the Uberall platform, Resolution created a holistic view of Specsavers’s regional brand reputation while allowing staff to respond to reviews at the local level.

Resolution also standardized all of Specsavers’s Facebook accounts – even creating new accounts for some locations that didn’t have them. The drive to optimize the optical specialists’ social presence paid off: Clicks increased by 83% and impressions soared by 139% (Jan 2020 vs Jan 2021).