How Act Local Grew Its Business by 900%



Unique Clicks


More Views


More Phone Calls

When Act Local launched their digital agency in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2017, they knew they would need a digital infrastructure that would support rapid growth—not only their own growth but also that of their customers. Partnering with Uberall helped the Swedish agency create more ROI for SMB clients—and grow their own business by 900%.

The Challenge

The agency, Act Local, was founded with a clear and ambitious goal: “to become Sweden's leading SEO agency in local search engine optimization.” The team takes a hands-on, do-it-for-me approach to partnership and points to their highly acclaimed Act + service as a key to their success—which drives value for clients across industries such as restaurants, home improvement, and beauty salons.

Their efforts have shown rapid and remarkable results. Today, the company has satellite offices in Gothenburg and Norrköping and has expanded its headquarters to Helsingborg. The agency’s staff has gone from two founders to fifteen employees.

While they had extensive experience managing local SEO, Google My Business, and eCommerce services—Act Local also wanted to add online listings capabilities and expand to offer concierge, rapid-response reputation management. In 2019, they sought out a partner who could provide a white label solution with those capabilities, enhancing their impressive SEO efforts.

The partner they chose was Uberall.

The Solution

Working with Uberall, Act Local set up two Act + packages for clients to choose from: a standard package and a VIP package—an upsell that includes a review response within 24 hours.

The result, says Matyas Dios, Co-Founder, has been “really, really good results from using the Uberall platform,” including expanding customers’ access to directories and GMB. With Uberall, the agency has significantly increased clicks to client websites, directions, and phone calls.

The agency’s customers offer rave reviews—and have reported results such as:

  • + 500% more unique website clicks
  • + 125% more views
  • + 82% growth in the average number of phone calls via Google, within six months

The Results

The growth speaks for itself. After more than a year as an Uberall customer, Act Local is now adding an average of more than 100 new locations into their portfolio per month—to a current total of more than 900 POI— and their customers report a high return on investment from the platform.

Working with Uberall has been particularly helpful in getting challenging top placements for clients in unbranded search—such as when customers search for generic terms such as: “hair salons open now” or “best pizza restaurants near me.”

Uberall has also worked with Act Local to expand their knowledge about the convergence of the platform, local SEO, and Google My Business. The agency appreciates the consultative approach Uberall has taken—including marketing support and workshop training, as well as the high level of analytics and insights available on the Uberall platform.

“The platform is really good,” says Matyas Dios, Co-Founder at Act Local. “I've worked with a lot of SaaS platforms before, but never a location management and reputation platform like Uberall. Once you have clicked through the system and seen all the reporting, it starts to feel really, really easy. The analytics have also helped us to increase results for our customers.”

Would you like to learn more about partnering with Uberall to offer Near Me brand experience solutions to your clients? Contact our team for a demo of the platform.