Boostability Pumps Up Automation, Speeds Into Savings of Over 800 Work-Hours Per Month



work-hours per month saved with Uberall’s solution


months faster time-to-publish for online customer information

“Implementing Uberall meant faster, more cost-effective results for customers. We’re now able to easily broadcast customer information to dozens of networks and have an unparalleled success rate of getting that information published.”

Stew Sucher

Director of Product, Boostability


As an SEO company, Boostability knew a solid online presence was key for its customers. But a manual listings review process slowed the company from reaching its KPI goals. So, Boostability turned to Uberall for an automated, easy-to-use listings solution that works for clients in all corners of the world. As a result, the company saw:

  • 800 work-hours per month saved with Uberall’s solution

  • 6 months faster time-to-publish for online customer information

Boosting Business Visibility

Whether Boostability is helping construct websites, optimize conversion rates, or build backlink portfolios, the team’s goal is to put local businesses on the map. As a global leader in white label SEO for SMBs, the company specializes in solving online visibility problems for clients.

For Boostability, the definition of success is getting customers to the top 10 Google search results in as little time as possible. That helps ensure maximum customer satisfaction and return on investment.

But Boostability’s manual listings process was holding it back. Team members had to manually visit each site to perform updates, making it difficult to standardize business information across all directories and online locations.

Needless to say, this time-consuming and labor-intensive process made it challenging for Boostability to achieve its time-to-rank and ROI goals. Fulfilling customer demands without hiring additional resources proved a constant strain for the team.

Navigating the Automated Listings Process

After searching high and low, Boostability found the Uberall platform to help automate the listings processes for its clients.

The platform ticked all of Boostability’s boxes, which included:

  • an SEO-first tool

  • global, competitive presence across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, and Africa

  • long-term, price-stable solution

  • streamlined process for migration

  • an automated, API-based solution with defined SLAs for the top publishers in each country

  • delivers on value to customers

In addition to these competitive advantages, Boostability was impressed by Uberall’s hands-on, transparent approach to business. Finding an international, driven team to support its plug-and-play solutions promised big returns for the company.

The only thing that remained to be seen was how the collaboration would impact Boostability’s KPIs.

Optimizing Resources

Boostability benefitted from Uberall’s ease-of-use and automation capabilities and now meets its goals in a fraction of the time. These days, publishing customer information to important website locations is a breeze, allowing Boostability to deliver faster results to its customers.

Time is money, and the effects of Boostability's partnership with Uberall became apparent shortly after the 2019 implementation. Thanks to the power of automation, Boostability was able to accelerate its listings processes. 86% of its clients rank on page one of Google within just six months.

The company estimates it saves over 800 work-hours per month with Uberall—the equivalent of five full-time employees.

The future is bright for Boostability and its white label SEO solutions. With the help of Uberall, the company has been able to surpass its performance goals. The collaboration has also made it easy for Boostability to automate processes without splurging on additional resources—a win-win for the company and its customers.

“I wish we would’ve found Uberall sooner. After trying to do listings manually for so long, we realized how many trade-offs there were—from a personnel, customer performance, and time-to-rank standpoint. Choosing to work with Uberall was a no-brainer.”

Stew SucherDirector of Product, Boostability