V Digital Achieves Growth Through Focus on Data Quality & Verification Process



reduction in data integrity support queue issues


decrease in churn due to data inconsistencies


work-hours a month saved in support issue time

“With Uberall, we have a supportive partnership with excellent account management along with the reseller sales and service. This partnership allows us to traverse the ongoing changes in local SEO digital marketing."

Chris Lively

Local SEO Point Guard, V Digital


V Digital was unhappy with previous listings and reputation management partners due to lack of reporting. The company needed a trusted solution that provided quality insights and metrics through a hands-on and deeply involved partnership. The V Digital team was diligent in working with previous providers to ensure top-notch results for clients but ultimately had to put in many manual hours of data set review to achieve desired results. This also led to a heavy volume of support tickets and redundant task work for the V Digital operational teams.

With a comprehensive, fully-integrated listings and reputation management solution, V Digital said goodbye to endless support tickets and business disruptions. At the same time, the company effortlessly provided clients with a best-in breed solution paired with in-kind white-glove service.

Facing the Facts: Data Inconsistencies Emerge

Full-service digital marketing and local SEO company V Digital Services is a champion at driving visibility and engagement for its clients. Currently, the company manages a constantly growing client roster of around 1,500 customers across 2,100 locations—impressive numbers for its roster of 11 full-time local SEO fulfillment team members.

V Digital’s customer base is primarily composed of SMBs in food services, home services, entertainment, local retail, and medical. The company’s top priority for these brick-and-mortar businesses is driving more foot traffic through increased local search visibility. From its humble beginnings as a print media company, V Digital has been rooted in a desire to help small businesses succeed, and that hasn’t changed over the years.

But data inconsistencies and faulty API connections led V Digital to seek out alternative solutions for managing client visibility online. Customer churn, potential lost revenue, and support time-to-resolution were continuous challenges the local SEO team was up against.

In short, an inefficient listings process was taking a toll on V Digital’s service level expectations and eating into valuable company resources. However, the team was committed to finding a solution that would push their clients’ performance and ROI forward.

Overcoming the Data Challenge

After considering other platforms on the market and even exploring the possibility of creating its own, V Digital found Uberall. Uberall shared V Digital’s goal of helping clients get found, be chosen, and drive loyalty, along with its philosophy of business transparency.

Perhaps most importantly, Uberall could deliver accurately and diligently on V Digital’s needs—the platform’s API connections checked out and promised to course-correct the data inaccuracies that had been diverting V Digital’s attention from growth.

As an extra bonus, Uberall’s best-in-breed solution offered attentive support, and the platform’s partnership model was built for resellers. Would this finally be the tool that could allow the company to proactively concentrate on growth rather than reactively remedying data issue tickets?

Raking It In With Confidence

V Digital’s partnership with Uberall has provided the company with expert-level data consistency, freeing up just shy of 100 hours a month that the team now uses to nurture and grow existing accounts. Focusing on strategy and implementation rather than escalation management has been a huge time-saver for the team at V Digital.

Now that data-related churn has been eradicated, the team can focus on more important matters, like putting together individualized client proposals that result in higher ROI.

"Working with Uberall has helped us accomplish our local SEO objectives with a quality platform and strong partnership. The platform allows us to achieve our defined service levels in a quality and timely manner, allowing our team to focus on our clients’ local SEO strategy.”

Chris LivelyLocal SEO Point Guard, V Digital

An additional advantage of the partnership has been increased team morale. The support team has seen a drastic 90% reduction in its data integrity support queue, raising everyone’s spirits. The sales team, on the other hand, can now leverage the benefits of Uberall and its strategic local SEO product to acquire higher-spend, multi-location clients.

As the company has evolved from a print landscape into a digital leader, V Digital’s core mission has remained the same: to help small businesses get found by local consumers. In light of the data-related challenges V Digital previously experienced, the company’s partnership with Uberall allowed it to refocus on growth. Now, the V Digital team is able to drive customer strategy and performance without having to worry about onerous operational tasks.