How Our White-Labelled Partner Increased Client Revenue


Increase in Facebook Engagement


Duplicate Listings Removed


Increase in Clicks to Call

As champions of our white-label partners’ success, we’ve protected all company names so our clients can maintain confidentiality and strong relationships with their clients.

Executive Summary

A well-known US social media agency, joined Uberall’s Partner Program in October 2019, as a white-label partner. They wanted to expand their digital marketing solutions and offer Listings Management to their customer base. At first, they started with 240 locations and have grown to +5,000 locations due to growing demand.

One of their customers, a prominent home services brand with more than 440 physical stores, needed a location marketing solution to increase foot traffic and revenue.

Inaccurate listings were costing them new customers and business, so time was of the essence. Incorrect listings frustrated and confused customers searching online for their stores, and made for a difficult online to offline experience. Uberall was able to quickly implement a solution to easily manage listings to reach new customers on the most popular search engines, like Google and Facebook.

By partnering with Uberall, the agency significantly boosted online impressions and engagement for the client across major online directories, such as Google and Facebook, in a matter of weeks.

The Challenge

With more than 440 physical locations, our partner’s client had an opportunity to win new customers who were searching online using both branded and unbranded search terms. The client suffered from inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate business listings which misdirected and confused customers looking for local home services businesses.

These inconsistencies were damaging the clients’ local search rankings and online reputation. Their locations were not showing up in the ‘near me’ searches that customers use when they’re ready to make their immediate purchases. Duplicate listings popped up with incorrect information, with no way to monitor or fix the bad data that frustrated searching customers.

Our partner needed a foolproof way to connect the home services brand with their customers and new prospects, wherever and whenever they are searching and interacting, across all devices and platforms with the most up-to-date information.

The Solution

To bring consistency across all of the brand’s 440 locations, our partner needed a fast and easy solution to keep the location data accurate across the online platforms, directories and navigation services that its customers were relying on to find and interact with the brand — at each location.

In addition, the solution needed to be:

  • White-labeled: So they could continue to own the relationship with the client
  • Partner-focused: A vendor that didn't directly compete with them in direct sales, but rather supported their growth
  • Flexible: Product packages for each of their customer segments to increase their margin
  • Positive: A high-touch support experience for product and marketing needs

Uberall ticked off all the boxes for the agency’s requirements and offered a fast and effective solution with the Listings product. In addition, Uberall has a partner-only model in North America. This means we do not create channel conflict and work with our partners to provide premium support to our customers.

The Results

By teaming with Uberall, our agency was set up to update listings information automatically, from one centralized platform in under two weeks.

Thanks to the power of our AutoSync technology, we push our directory listings updates quickly and often. This technology ensured the home services saw a dramatic improvement in online visibility: right away. The partner’s enterprise client saw a 93% increase in Facebook engagement, meaning more people were clicking, viewing, and messaging for information on the client’s Facebook brand and location pages. This success was paralleled with strong buying indicators on Google, such as an 18% increase in clicks to the client’s website and a 22% increase in clicks to call.