How Kale Me Crazy boosted their 'Near Me' Search Visibility



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Executive Summary

Fast-casual food chain Kale Me Crazy had an enviable problem. In just six years, the healthy cafe franchiser had grown from a single location to 25 restaurants, nationally. It was a success story, but that rapid growth came with a new challenge: maintaining a uniform online presence that could convert people searching online for healthy cafes and Kale Me Crazy restaurants into customers.

With no central or consistent way to control local listing data, manage and monitor customer reviews or drive consumers to physical stores, Kale Me Crazy’s franchise locations were stuck in free-fall when it came to keeping their online information accurate, and it was costing the chain customers.

Customers searching for cafes and juice nearby frustrated when they weren’t able to find or contact their local Kale Me Crazy stores. And a lack of listings control was also causing inaccurate operating hours and inconsistent review responses—which ultimately affected the bottom line at the corporate and local level.

The Challenge

Kale Me Crazy set out to find a marketing solution that could ensure that their locations would be found by customers whenever they were ready for a healthy meal. To do this, the brand needed an SEO strategy that would optimize all their stores for local search. This strategy would need to reach out not only to people looking for Kale Me Crazy—but also the many customers without a brand in mind, who were searching for “real food near me” or “juice near me.” And finally, the strategy needed to help the brand create a more centralized way to monitor and quickly respond to customer reviews and ratings.

Kale Me Crazy’s agency Pure Silver Creative enlisted Uberall’s aid to help the company achieve the kind of brand consistency, control and revenue growth their strategy needed. Pure Silver worked alongside Kale Me Crazy to collect location data — including hyper-local addresses, accurate opening hours, phone numbers, and product photos. Pure Silver reviewed the data and uploaded it to the Uberall solution, strengthening and aligning location data across 55+ directories, websites, maps, applications and platforms.

The Solution

With the Uberall Listings solution, Pure Silver created a practical citation management strategy to keep all local listings relevant and up-to-date across over 55 applications and directories, like Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor. Optimized listings allows each location to customize promotions for the distinct needs of their customers.

Uberall’s Engage solution ensures Kale Me Crazy can monitor the online conversations about their brand and all incoming reviews across all relevant platforms, such as Google, Foursquare, and Yelp. The brand can now detect all changes in customer satisfaction — and can address them before damage is done.

Now, when reviews about a dirty restroom come in, for example, management at the corporate level can instantly alert the franchise owner to respond. This prevents the snowballing effect of a negative review —and displays authentic concern while preserving brand integrity.

The Results

With the help of Pure Silver and Uberall, Kale Me Crazy was able to optimize its business listings across more than 55 directories, websites, applications and maps—providing the SEO juice they needed to drive their growth.

The brand became more visible through ‘near me’ searches, directly increasing foot traffic to their locations. With the Uberall solution, Pure Silver is now able to ensure that all Kale Me Crazy listings show up for unbranded local searches. Now, they can reach consumers who may not know the brand but know what they need - using searches like “healthy food near me open now.” Kale Me Crazy is now reaching an audience that doesn’t know it by name brand—something that was much less likely before implementing the Uberall platform.

Organic search traffic and indirect searches (e.g. juice near me) for Kale Me Crazy have increased by 52.4%. Visibility to customers and investors has also skyrocketed: with profile impressions, profile clicks, clicks for driving directions, website link clicks, and clicks-to-call all increased by double-digit percentages.

“We’re excited to extend our capabilities in location marketing services through Uberall. Adding their platform to our solution set will allow our clients to manage all of their listings and make sure they’re discoverable among new prospects. It’ll also ensure that their existing customers can easily find location information. We’re confident that this solution will offer great value to our clients.”

John Armatas, CEO