Rent A Car Set Up for Seamless Hybrid Customer Experience

  • +63%

    clicks to directions*

  • +80%

    clicks to call*

  • +33%

    website clicks*

"Rent A Car has extensive expertise in local digital marketing, which is why we were looking for an excellent solution which would allow us to effectively post our information simultaneously and consistently across all platforms. Uberall has joined our digital ecosystem to help us improve our local SEO whilst ensuring our high standards are maintained."

Yoann Thenot

Head of E-Commerce, Rent A Car


After having tried other online presence management services, Rent A Car turned to Uberall to take the brand to the next level. That is, position itself as a leader in digital solutions and create a seamless web-to-store hybrid customer experience. With the Uberall platform, Rent A Car can automatically share the most critical and up-to-date information, ensuring driver trust and loyalty. Now, Rent A Car is set up for frictionless interactions at critical consumer touchpoints, thereby creating a seamless hybrid customer experience. Ultimately, conversions and more sales boost its online presence to connect with new customers quickly throughout their hybrid customer journey.

Active Locations: 433
Listings Managed: 18,500, 6,300 of which were created by Uberall
Duplicate Listings: 283 removed by Uberall

The challenge

Before implementing Uberall solutions, Rent A Car already had solid digital marketing assets. As such, the French group’s marketing teams knew precisely what its customer journey was.

Moreover, its digital marketing teams were already experts on the subject, and knew exactly who their target market was before coming to Uberall. What they wanted to do was to strengthen the brand’s digital assets, make the way its information was managed more responsive and continue to improve its SEO. Here, Uberall had to meet a series of very strict requirements.

Two aspects were particularly important – managing duplicate GMB listings across France and ensuring that its information is consistent and posted simultaneously to all the directories where it is present.

The Solution

Google My Business (GMB) is a particularly important communication platform for many brands, and ensuring the consistency of information for all its business locations as well as removing duplicate listings were both priorities for Rent A Car. By partnering up with Uberall, Rent A Car has been able to take back control of the information published on its Facebook pages and GMB listings.

The company uses Uberall’s solutions at several stages throughout its customer journey – at the top of its marketing funnel in order to attract potential customers by inviting them to click on its website or click to call, and then in the final stage of the customer journey by prompting potential customers to click to get directions. The aim here is twofold: to make sure they are able to find their way to one of the group’s offices to place a booking or to collect a vehicle.

The Results

By strengthening its local digital marketing infrastructure, Rent A Car now has excellent quality listings on all the directories where it is present, and is therefore able to reach a wider audience than it did when it used the services of other companies. Using Uberall’s solutions also means its teams get access to regularly updated performance insights. Rent A Car has also been able to improve the way it manages its online reputation by responding to online reviews, something which is new to the brand. In summer 2020, clicks on its Google listings increased sharply with direction clicks shooting up by 63%, clicks to call by 80% and website clicks by 33%.

*Q2 2020 vs Q2 2019