Contipark navigates drivers to parking spots using Uberall

  • 7.7%

    conversion rate

  • 2.5x


  • 500+

    parking facilities

“As the market leader in our industry with more than 570 locations in Germany and Austria, it is very important to us that our parking garages, underground garages and parking spaces can easily be found on the Internet, as our customers have long been looking online to park offline. Through utilising Uberall, we have not only seen a remarkable increase in organic traffic to our websites and profiles, but have also found it a great platform with which we can easily launch local ads on Google. It has become very easy for us to make our customers aware of our park facilities online and Google activating their new “Store Visits” metric for us is really exciting!"

Marc Steinhilb

Senior Marketing & Project Manager (Web / Mobile), Contipark


  • Industry: Parking Facility Management
  • No. of employees: 1100
  • No. of locations: 600
  • Regions Active: Germany and Austria

Aware customers use ‘Near Me’ searches on their smartphones to find parking facilities, Contipark successfully leverages Uberall Ads to target prospective customers that are geographically situated within predefined search radiuses of preselected Contipark locations.

Thanks to this specific targeting, Contipark quickly saw high-quality conversions in clicks on directions on Google. Because of the great performance and overall appeal of the campaign, Google deemed it eligible for their recently introduced “Store Visits” metric, with which Contipark was able to measure the actual additional footfall derived from the campaigns and calculated a 2.5x Return On Investment overall.

The Challenge

In a market where proximity and immediate availability are the key deciding factors for customers, Contipark were looking for a way to drive more traffic to their parking facilities situated all across Germany. Aware that the majority of customers search for their services when they have an immediate need via ‘Near Me’ searches on their mobile devices, Contipark knew that launching location-based online advertising is the perfect way to reach searching drivers. Convinced of the promising possibilities of location-based online advertising, they were looking for a partner that could help them tackle the complexity of setting up, managing and optimising ad campaigns for their business locations fast.

The Solution

Already leveraging Uberall hybrid customer experience platform since 2017 to increase the online presence of their 500+ parking facilities and manage their online customer reviews, all the location data and platform connections needed to launch local ads were already in place. This means that the marketing team was able to go live with multi-channel local advertising for their locations within a matter of clicks, straight from the Uberall platform.

By having the option between two specific conversion types; Call Ads and Direction Ads, Contipark can further specify what they would like each campaign to achieve.

The target radius functionality enables the team to create campaigns boosting specific locations of theirs, empowering them to counteract dips in demand for certain facilities and appear above their competitors in search queries in high-density areas. This functionality also enables Contipark to help customers find their facilities much more easily in remote areas, enhancing the customer experience.

The Results

Within a couple of months, Contipark experienced an increase in clicks on directions from local ads on Google, which translated to an increase in visitors, with a 2.5x Return On Investment overall. Due to the great campaign performance Google activated their “Store Visits” metric for the group, which allowed the team to measure a 7,7% conversion rate of ad clicks to store visits.