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Uberall and the Google Menu - serving up a deliciously simple way to get customers to your locations

Earlier this week, we told you about how you could manage Google Attributes for your locations directly within the Location Marketing Cloud, so that potential customers could find your locations with context-based search. We’re happy to tell you today that customers can now also find you if they’re hungry for one of your menu items.

There’s consumers, and then there’s consuming. We’re a driven, hungry bunch here at Uberall, and we’re always looking for ways to make your locations even more appetizing for customers. Today, we proudly announce an update for those of you in the bar and restaurant industry: When customers search for something on your menu near them, it will show up in Google.

Google My Business and Uberall: Taking care of lunch

The recent update to the Google My Business API enables unbranded food search terms to be crawlable - and since Uberall was one of the first companies in the world to work with the new API, this means our customers are able to use the Location Marketing Cloud to make everything from Avocado toast to Zucchini smoothies searchable.


You can access the menu functionality by going to ‘Premium Data’ for one of your locations - and from there, click on ‘attributes’. Type in ‘menu’, and simply add your menu URL. This will then secure your menu as searchable across different Google platforms.

Context-based search back on the menu

More than 80% of customers search for goods and services near them - but they may also be inclined to search for types of good. For example, instead of searching for ‘restaurants near me’, they may search for ‘hamburgers near me’ - they might be hungry after all. With the update to the API, your menu will appear as a search result, as well as your location on Google Maps.

Since customers are making search enquiries more specific and context-based, this means making your menu up-to-date for all your locations in the Location Marketing Cloud makes your brand more visible. Add to that the ability to be found through context-based searches (through Google attributes), and your locations are more visible than ever.

If you’re already synced with Google My Business, make sure your menus are correct and up-to-date by logging into the Location Marketing Cloud. Alternatively, get in contact with us at

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