How F45 Training Pumped Up Its Search Impressions by 148% YoY

  • 148%

    YoY increase in search impressions

  • 72%

    YoY increase in map impressions

  • 144%

    increase in Facebook clicks

*Data is from April 2023 for the one-month period following implementation

"Partnering with Uberall is a big step in our effort to support the growth of our franchisees. Now, our franchisees can spread the word about their studios more efficiently than ever before through centralized management of all location listings as well as the ability to reply to reviews, all from one platform. We’ve been looking for a more robust solution for our studio listings, and we’ve found exactly that in Uberall."

Brian Killingsworth

Chief Marketing Officer, F45 Training

F45 Training, a global fitness franchise, is all about making big gains. Through its brands, which include F45, FS8, and Vive Active, F45 promotes modern workouts that combine elements of pilates, yoga, and more. The company’s main focus is its high-intensity (HIIT) interval training workouts, which make use of proprietary technology to create unique workout experiences for its customers.

With rapid growth plans ahead, it’s an exciting time for F45. Here’s how the team is successfully managing its studio listings, cleaning up its online presence, supercharging its local marketing strategy, and welcoming more customers into the gym.

Situation: No Pain, No Gain

F45 has big plans for the future. With over 2,000 franchise locations and plans to activate over 1,500 new locations in the next two years, it’s safe to call F45’s growth goals ambitious.

But with growth often comes growing pains, something F45 is determined to avoid. What do growing pains look like in today’s digital world? Duplicate listings and data inaccuracies are just a couple of things that take a toll on a brand’s online visibility.

And as a franchise business with big owners and investors like actor Mark Wahlberg, F45 values the ability to empower franchise owners, showcase individual locations and offerings, and make its brand presence known online.

Solution: Making Gains in Online Visibility

In its search for a new vendor that could boost online visibility, clean up its online listings, and scale its local marketing strategy in the U.S., F45 found Uberall.

With rapid growth plans on the horizon, F45 was glad to find a robust solution for location data accuracy and central location management in Uberall’s location marketing platform—and as a bonus, a partner with extensive expertise in the franchise space.

In only its first month of using the Uberall platform, F45 has been able to remove hundreds of duplicate listings and clean up data inaccuracies. The company has also enjoyed the ability to schedule new location openings 90 days in advance, thanks to Uberall’s direct partnership with Google.

Results: 148% YoY Increase in Search Impressions

But the hard work doesn’t stop there. As F45 moves full steam ahead with its plans for rapid growth, its online visibility becomes more important than ever before. A 148% YoY increase in search impressions within one month after implementation isn’t a shabby start at all.

Map impressions are also on the rise for F45, which has seen a 72% YoY increase in map impressions over the same period. That means it’s now easier than ever before for customers to find, contact, or visit one of F45’s locations.

Meanwhile, F45’s social media presence is becoming more robust as well. The company has seen Facebook clicks up 144% YoY and impressions up 65%. These early results are an indication of even more positive improvements to come and an example of local marketing at its finest.

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