Uberall for Partners

Everything your clients need for digital location marketing

We want to bring the power of digital local marketing to business. That's why we established the Uberall Partner Marketing Tools platform. 

Our platform helps you enlarge your product portfolio and serve your existing customer base with the most efficient digital local marketing solution around. Uberall's partner marketing tools are also highly valuable for enterprise and franchise businesses. 

See how the power of digital marketing can help you and your clients today.

Custom Presence Check

Enable potential clients to perform online company presence checks directly from your website, completely configured to your own branding and directory needs.

Tailor-made Product Modules

Enlarge your product portfolio by creating your own product with Uberall.
You can choose the relevant product modules, publishers and directories for exactly what your business and your clients need.

Reseller Dashboard

Obtain a complete overview of sales performance through your reseller dashboard within your Sales Partner Account.
The dashboard gives you complete ownership over communications with your clients: Measure lead generation, and use the tool to keep in contact with existing clients.

Onboarding and Support

Enjoy the support from the Uberall team you receive throughout the partnership. We give you everything you need to easily onboard your sales staff, set up your product page and support your clients.

White label and Uberall API

Use the Uberall API to connect your own dashboards or applications and develop your own frontend. Widgets: Integrate our widgets with little development effort and choose which parts of the user interface you want to provide to your customers. White label: We offer you the Uberall platform in it’s entire scope completely branded in your Corporate Design.