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The 'Near Me' Experience takes on a New Meaning

Uberall's Kelly Benish shares the new meaning of local search with SIINDA's Kimberli J. Lewis.   

Local Search is about ‘near me’ searches that were incredibly popular and based on intent, proximity, location optimization and relevance, the searcher was getting what they wanted in a very local sense. Given the recent restriction of offline movement, one could ask how this has affected Local Search? It would be natural to assume that it has dramatically fallen or even evaporated. Yet that’s not the case. As footfall has declined for most local retailers and other merchants, online visits and calls have grown. In other words, local search behaviour has shifted from generating driving directions to more website traffic and higher call volumes. At least that is what the data shows from a recent analysis done by the company Uberall locate in Berlin. In this episode, we explore what has happened to the “near me” experience and what it means for the future of Search.

Posted by Uberall