Plugging into Success: Strategies to Boost Frequency in Your EV Charging Stations

14th March, 10 A.M. GMT


Vaibhav Uppal

Global Product Leader at BP Pulse

Roderick van den Berg

Chief Executive Officer at Eco-Movement

Sebastian Hauch

Manager Solution Engineering at Uberall

What you will learn:

How the EV industry evolves and what you need to know now?
What challenges the EV industry and CPO's are currently facing?
How to create opportunities through innovative solutions for EV growth?

With the electric vehicle landscape evolving rapidly and consumer interest soaring, this roundtable will delve into strategies to optimize EV charging stations for maximum returns on investment. According to Gartner 15 Million e-mobility cars will be shipped globally by 2030 (Gartner, 2023). With more vehicles on the streets, there will be challenges and opportunities in 2024 in this dynamic industry and our discussion will provide valuable insights for decision-makers, charging point operators, and station owners to harness the full potential of EV charging networks in the pursuit of both sustainability and financial success.

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