A "New Retail" Is Coming

After scouring the headlines from the past year, and looking back at all his Forbes articles and all his weekly podcast and video content too, retail influencer and Omni Talk founder Chris Walton has put together his list of the five most important and “buzz-word free” trends that will impact retail over the next few years.

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A New Model to Attract Retail Customers to Shopping Centers

There’s a new marketing model emerging for shopping malls.

We have always known that a shopper who comes to buy from one store often buys from another, but one innovative landlord in the Sunbelt is taking the principle a step further, and is working with properties to improve location marketing across the board.

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Local Marketing Re-Emerges In The Age Of The Customer

The age of the customer has put control and power into the hands of consumers – they can find what they want, when they want it, on whatever device they choose. With the advent of mobile and the proliferation of smart devices, customers are increasingly finding products and services that are relevant to their location. Multinational and national brands now must take marketing on the local level more seriously than ever before. 

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