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"Near Me" Searches Help Consumers Decide What They Need and Where to Get It

By: Tehsin Daya, VP of Business Development, North America

Search queries that include “near me” have been growing rapidly in the last few years, making it a crucial keyword for your clients to target — whether big or small. A recent Think with Google post detailed how “near me” searches not only lead consumers where they want to go, but also help them decide on the goods and services they want in the first place. Search users are becoming more open to discovering new ideas, new products, and new locations.

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Uberall Study: "Near Me" Search Over The Holiday Shopping Season

By Florian Hubner, Founder & Co-CEO of Uberall

With the holiday shopping season now in its final stretch, there is no better time to examine the season’s trends as a whole. Front-and-center this year was "near me" search, which played a huge part in the customer journey this holiday season.

To get a better understanding of the "near me" preferences and behavior among holiday shoppers, we at Uberall recently surveyed more than 1,000 smartphone users across the US and UK.

Here’s a closer look at our findings.

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Local Search Goes Beyond Just Being Found in Search Results

Connecting with prospective customers is an ever-developing art, and the way that people utilize search functions to find the services that they need is continuing to change in big ways. Google has noted many new trends that indicate an increase in the need for search users to “know before they go,” or plan ahead for trips they may take or services they may utilize. Search users are becoming more research-savvy and specific with their queries, and businesses need to know how to reach their prospects beyond just showing up in search results.

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Industry Experts Weigh in on Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is becoming a more important element of how mobile users find things, whether it’s information, food, or local services. Voice-activated AI tools like Siri, Cortana, Amazon Echo and Google Home are becoming more popular, and in addition to turning on the lights or getting the weather, people are also using them to find local businesses. All signs indicate that voice search today is where mobile search was just a few years ago—on the verge of massive adoption.

We asked some leading business owners and search experts, including Uberall’s Co-Founder Josha Benner, for tips on how local businesses can best optimize themselves for the age of voice search.

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