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Customized performance reporting from your NEW Uberall Dashboard

Our new Location Marketing Cloud dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your business locations’ online visibility - at a single glance. You’ll still see the overall status display for your listings, but we’ve enhanced the performance metrics you receive directly from Google My Business and Facebook. You can easily filter and export this data, create custom reports and gather additional insights based on user interactions with your listings.

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Open for business: Special opening hours for your businesses
Uberall Blog main image - Google special opening hours

Reliable opening hours are vital for foot-traffic - which is why we made it possible for you manage special opening times directly from the Location Marketing Cloud. If you’re closed on a bank holiday, for example, you can ensure your customers aren’t disappointed when they reach your doorstep....

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Uberall and the Google Menu - serving up a deliciously simple way to get customers to your locations

Earlier this week, we told you about how you could manage Google Attributes for your locations directly within the Location Marketing Cloud, so that potential customers could find your locations with context-based search. We’re happy to tell you today that customers can now also find you if they’re hungry for one of your menu items....

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NEW from Uberall: Manage Google Attributes within the Location Marketing Cloud
Main image Google attributes blog

Adding context-rich information about your locations could be the difference between getting foot-traffic, and not. More customers than ever are looking for specific information about locations, which can only be supplied by attributes. In this article, we show you how Uberall can help you make attribute-related searches benefit you, using the Loca...

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Citation Building is more important than ever
Uberall offers best practice citation building

It builds local online presence for websites, which is pretty important in a world where <strong>half of all Google searches have a local reference</strong>. This is mainly due to the <strong>ROPO</strong> (Research Online, Purchase Offline), where consumers search online for a product or service which they then use or buy offline. Local businesses...

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