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Boost Your Online Presence With Citation Building

Citation building enhances local online visibility and is more important than ever today. In fact, 53% of all Google searches worldwide have a local intent, so being found where consumers are looking is essential for the success of local businesses. 

But what actually is a citation? How do you build citations? And how do citations impact local SEO?

Find out all this and more as we reveal everything you need to know about citation building. 

Download infographic now.

Laura Hall
Laura Hall

Laura is a proud member of the content and communications team at Uberall. You can find her work in all corners of the website. One of her most recent pieces was a guide for digital agencies on the incredible ROI potential delivered through ’near me’ marketing tactics. Outside of Uberall, she spends most of her days hanging around with a trip of goats, fondly named ‘the bleats’ by her two year old daughter.