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Women-Led Businesses: Highlighting GMB'S Attribute

International Women’s Day marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. 

To enable more consumers who want to connect with women-led businesses, Google’s women-led attribute will become searchable on Google Search and Maps in the near future in English speaking regions. 

This means that queries, such as “women-led restaurants near me” will help users discover new businesses and those businesses may see new customers. 

To learn more about this initiative and why this matters now, more than ever, I had a conversation with Jasmin Kaur to learn what Google is doing for International Women’s Day, the importance of highlighting women-led businesses and how women-led businesses can take advantage of the attribute. 

You can listen to the interview below (approximately 3 minutes) or read through the transcript of our conversation.  

Nicole Gottselig: What is Google doing for International Women’s Day? 

Jasmin Kaur: Google as a whole is doing lots of things for International Women's Day. For example:  showcasing women's firsts, such as, the first woman to go into space to other things which I'm involved in that showcase business women in industries that challenge gender biases and more diverse women-led businesses. 

We've created case studies and blog posts across EMEA to showcase these types of businesses. We’re also investigating gender biases in our creatives, making sure that we refresh our assets with more diverse women-led examples.

NG: Why is it important to highlight women led businesses?

Jasmin: There are fewer women-led businesses versus men led. We want to support business women and be helpful to them, by helping them get more visibility online. 

Women accounted for 54% of job losses last year.

So considering that women make up only 39% of global employment, representation of women-led businesses is important. 

The reason why we wanted to showcase female entrepreneurs who have gone against the grain in historically male-led industries is because what we find typically shown are women in bakery shops or fashion. 

I think it's important to break down these stereotypes and boundaries when there are business women in these types of industries that have historically been male dominated, such as barber shops, plumbing and removal companies. 

For example, we recently did a case study with a woman named Syreeta, who’s a Black LGBT woman who owns a barber shop. 

NG: What is the women-led attribute on the business profile on Google? And how can women-led businesses take advantage of it? 

Women can identify their businesses as led or founded by a woman by adding the ‘identifies as a woman led’ attribute to their business profile on Google. 

It shows up when people look at the business profile on Google Maps or Search. 

90% of women shoppers said they will go out of their way to buy a product marketed as women led. 

In the near future women-led businesses will become searchable on Google Maps and Google Search in English speaking regions. 

So an example query could be “women-led restaurants near me” and that would help users discover more women led businesses.

Posted by Nicole Gottselig