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Uberall Store Finder & Local Pages: branch location search, as it should be

A good website masters the art of directing visitors to the most important information. For local businesses, chains and franchises, that means directing users to their nearest branch location. A store locator in the company’s website is a great practice so customers can identify which shops are near to them.

88% of all local searches are made on the go from a smartphone. The number of mobile searches is increasing by 146% annually. Further, almost half of smartphone users look for local offers on their mobile device.

In order to match relevant search entries, Google must find information about your location and trust the accuracy of your website. This works when local companies make their location data available and optimize their site for local search.

The easiest way to do that is to manage all your location data on all relevant platforms through Uberall’s central dashboard. Our improved feature, the   Store Finder , is a perfect supplement for store locators on corporate websites and for location data optimization. The feature includes our “Local Pages”- detailed pages for each location - enabling users to navigate directly to their preferred branch and offering businesses new opportunities for local marketing.

Store Finder

The Uberall Store Finder is a state of the art and functional feature. Designed intuitively and visually appealing, it ideally works as a geographical search tool on your website to simplify the location search and attract customers to your branch.


The core of the search function is the licensed Google Maps, a service that most Internet users know and like. To the left, customers can enter the desired city or postal code in the sidebar. The corresponding region will appear on the map with selections of local branches, which are also listed below the search bar. A click on the chosen location opens a short description with the most important information and signals the user to visit the details page (Local Page) of the branch.

The implementation of the Store Finder doesn’t require additional effort from companies. The needed code can be easily embedded in any website. Although the interactive map is standardized, the upper and lower sections are customized to fit the company’s requirements and branding. The branch data does not need to be uploaded separately, but is rather managed by the Uberall software.

In under 30 minutes, the store finder is ready to go on your website.

Local Pages

For the Store Finder to work, the required data only needs to be uploaded once to the Uberall’s “Location Control Centre”. From there, each page can be completed with accurate information. The store data is displayed not only in the store locator, but also filled across all “Local Pages”. These branch pages contain the main details such as address, phone number and opening times, as well as additional details such as jobs, accepted payment methods, and special promotion. This content is valuable both for potential customers and to improve your ranking in local search results.

The page design can also be customized to match the coporate design of each company.


By managing the business location data through the Local Control Centre, all branch pages are under your control. That’s how you can easily create a consistent brand image, coordinate campaigns centrally and feed these to all relevant branch pages (Local Pages)It is also possible to include matching tags and keywords on the store page - an additional feature that helps your SEO game.


56% of all mobile searches are for local products or services, with 87% of users paying attention to only the first five results. In order to show up here, it’s important that Google finds and trusts your business’ location information. That’s why our Local Pages are already optimized for Google to secure a prominent placement in search results through “local citations”. That means that Google will find many entries with consistent local details for each company branch and attach corresponding relevance - a key factor to improve your ranking in search results. Even the custom URL of each Local Page contributes to this goal with an optimized structure that includes key location details.


The branch pages are also responsive (i.e. their design adjusts to fit different screen sizes). This is necessary for mobile devices which is why Google now decreases the ranking of websites that lack this feature.

An ideal complement for better rankings in local search is the uberListing directory service, which also guarantees the consistency of your business data across all social media platforms, major directories, mapping services and navigation systems.


Location data needs to be available everywhere today, helping consumers in local online searches. With the Uberall Store Finder & Local Pages, you can provide clear information about your locations, improve your online presence by showing up higher on the search results and lead potential customers to your store.

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