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Uberall Acquires Navads, Inc.

This morning, Uberall made one of the most exciting steps forward since we first set out on our journey to the location marketing cloud more than five years ago.

We announced the acquisition of Navads Inc. — an innovative listings and location data management company based in Amsterdam. When added to our operations in Berlin, London, Paris, Cape Town, and San Francisco, this acquisition will establish our combined company as a global leader for Location Marketing.

But our excitement about this announcement is far bigger than the 700,000+ locations globally who will now be using our location marketing platform.

For us, this acquisition is about the future—about enhancing our strengths and expanding our capabilities that will win the customers of today and tomorrow—and doing so with an integrated team that shares our passion for innovation. Our industry is poised for exponential growth and we aim to lead the way.   

We have been racing towards that goal since our foundation, but we believe that joining forces with the Navads team—with their strong customer loyalty and their own passionate belief in location marketing—pushes us even faster towards becoming the undisputed go-to marketing solution for any local business in the world.

We have known Navads for a long time and have had close relationships with their executive team for years. They are an impressive company, serving more than 800 brands across four continents. Brands like Shell, BP and McDonald’s. Led by CEO Lex ten Veen, the Navads team’s extensive experience and industry knowledge is the perfect complement to Uberall. They will help us continue to scale worldwide and meet the growing demand for our technology.

If you’ve been following the rise of the industry, you will understand why this acquisition makes so much sense, and is so exciting to both our teams, including the Navads executives, who will be staying with us to help us grow.

Consumer behavior has adapted to include online local search of brands and services before even entering an establishment. Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads, Sridhar Ramaswamy, reports a 200% increase in mobile ‘near me’ searches since 2016. While our own survey, conducted last month, found that more than 80% are searching “near me” on their smartphones. As more consumers search locally, location-based marketing isn’t just important for multi-site brands and businesses—it is life or death.

Uberall was created to help brands capitalize on these unique opportunities and use these channels to win the attention and loyalty of customers. Our flagship Location Marketing Cloud platform enables businesses to easily manage interactions at the location level in real-time across websites, mobile apps, store locators, search engines, maps, social media and voice assistants. As “near me” searches explode in popularity, we are helping brands capture “near me” customers and maximize revenue for every location. This will continue to be our core focus.

If you find yourself reading this as a Navads user, we are excited to introduce you to Uberall. For the benefit of brands and marketers everywhere, the location marketing industry needs a clear global leader in terms of technology and data. Now, Uberall is the best positioned platform to help brands expand their influence and win local consumers.

The new Uberall is now one of the largest location marketing platforms in the world, supporting 700,000+ locations for more than 1,500 customers. This is an exciting time for location marketing and we are eager to lead the category into the future.

If you are a customer, we know you will be as enthused as we, and our new Navads colleagues, are. If you are new to Uberall, welcome to our community! We are happy to have you with us on this exciting journey.

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Posted by Dennis Westphal