Never miss another customer review, with email notifications from uberall Engage

February 1, 2018
uberall blog image - review notificationsReviews your customers leave online are a critical factor in your offline sales. Make sure you never lose sight of your online reputation - with real-time review notifications from uberall Engage.

Email notifications for online reviews: Real-time vigilance

Everytime a customer rates or reviews one of your business locations online, you will receive a notification via email. From there, a single click sends you to uberall Engage, where you can now view and manage (e.g. respond to) the new feedback - on your desktop PC, laptop or mobile phone. Your customer base expects no less: Prompt answers and proper reactions to customer feedback are crucial in today’s digitized customer journey.

Review notifications will be triggered for every single business location and for all platforms in the uberall Listings Network, i.a. Google, Facebook, Yelp and countless directories. You will never miss another online rating or review.

uberall blog image - review notifications

uberall Engage: Digital reputation management for local businesses

uberall Engage helps you keep a clear overview of your complete customer feedback and other user-generated content across all your listings and online profiles. This way you gain invaluable insights into how your brand is perceived at different locations. Seize the opportunity to improve the on-site customer experience, and increase your revenue in the long run.

From within the Location Marketing Cloud you can respond to any consumer-generated content directly, on every platform of the Listings Network. Through the direct API connection to our partner platforms you always appear as the legitimate owner of your profiles.

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