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Open for business: Special opening hours for your businesses
June 22, 2017
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Reliable opening hours are vital for foot-traffic - which is why we made it possible for you manage special opening times directly from the Location Marketing Cloud. If you’re closed on a bank holiday, for example, you can ensure your customers aren’t disappointed when they reach your doorstep. more
Black Friday the local way
November 24, 2016
Black Friday is upon us.Despite sounding like a horrific event from Game of Thrones, it’s simply the name given to the day after the American holiday Thanksgiving. It falls on the first day of the Christmas Shopping season, and describes the massive discounts available to consumers.  

Well, that’s putting it mildly. Black Friday is an out-and-out shopping extravaganza. It’s the leading day of the year for in-store spending in the US, and this trend is spreading to European shores. Last year, American shoppers spent a whopping $67,560,000,000 in-store on Black Friday. With such astronomical figures up for grabs, we provide three key things you need to do make sure you make Black Friday a fixture in your calendar year. more
5 Digital Trends in Retail - What is Next?
March 4, 2016
Never-ending buzzwords: in the digital world of brick and mortar retailers, the proclaimed strategies are said to be miracle weapons in the battle for customers. What is actually behind concepts such as Geolocation and Indoor Navigation and when are they relevant? more