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uberall and the Google Menu - serving up a deliciously simple way to get customers to your locations
May 8, 2017
Earlier this week, we told you about how you could manage Google Attributes for your locations directly within the Location Marketing Cloud, so that potential customers could find your locations with context-based search. We’re happy to tell you today that customers can now also find you if they’re hungry for one of your menu items. more
NEW from uberall: Manage Google Attributes within the Location Marketing Cloud
May 3, 2017
Main image Google attributes blog
Adding context-rich information about your locations could be the difference between getting foot-traffic, and not. More customers than ever are looking for specific information about locations, which can only be supplied by attributes. In this article, we show you how uberall can help you make attribute-related searches benefit you, using the Location Marketing Cloud. more
"Suggest an edit" in Google: uberall protects location data
February 7, 2017
Suggest an edit in Google - Main image
Google locations can be edited with just a few clicks by any user. In this precarious situation, uberall offers franchised companies sustainable data security. more
New: Comparative performance insights for all your Google and Facebook Locations
January 10, 2017

You can’t tell how well you’re performing without analytics. That’s why uberall took Google My Business’ (GMB) updated API, and made it even more meaningful for multi-location business. We even made these insights comparable with your Facebook Location pages. more
Risks of unverified Google My Business listings
November 4, 2016
Not verifying Google My Business has consequences for both a business’s online presence and offline sales. uberall gives companies control over their Google Locations whilst boosting local visibility.
Location in the spotlight

Small and medium-sized businesses as well as big chain store companies depend on full control over their location data and touch points on the internet to hold their ground in local online marketing. more