Building the Hybrid Customer Experience: The Yves Rocher Story

We are present in more than 90 countries all over the planet. As an international brand we absolutely need to provide a very consistent user experience searching for our location. It's important for us to make sure that anywhere you go on the web you look and you search for Yves Rocher brand you've got the relevant level of information about its product but also about where you can buy it in physical store.

Recently we decided to work with one player only which is a liberal to guarantee we're building that user experience on the web - and as you know web is also mobile. So whatever the device you are using it's very important for us to deliver the right level of experience.

Now with Uberall we have access to 50 libraries such as Google My Business which that's very traditional location solution to be in. For instance in terms of engagement we observe very strong increase of interaction between the information found on the web and the fact that customers go to our stores. There is a many clicks, an increase of 59% clicks on people looking for much more detailed information on our stores. So at the end of the day the user experience is much richer than what we had before. So with Uberall we go further with the right method and at a very good pace.

We'd love to help you create seamless hybrid customer experiences for your customers.