Building the Hybrid Customer Experience: The Cushman & Wakefield Story

My name is Flo Guerrouani. I'm the Global SEO Manager here at Cushman & Wakefield. And my role is to make sure that our website and our office locations are well optimized to make sure that our clients and prospects can find us and our information in the right place and at the right time. Cushman & Wakefield is a leading global real estate services firm that delivers exceptional value for real estate occupiers and investors. We are present in over 60 countries and over 400 plus locations globally. As a global brand it's very important for us to have a presence and an impact at a local level.

Before onboarding Uberall we didn't have any idea of what was going on at a local level. First the main thing was to really improve our online discoverability. Also to make sure that we could increase our local search rankings, which we definitely achieved in the time we've been using the platform. Being able to manage everything centrally at once through one platform has been life-changing for me, for my job and for my workload.

Our customers whether they're existing customers or prospects they tend to find us at a local level. People tend to look for us because they already know about the brand, so they will do like a branded search Cushman & Wakefield london for example. They will do non-branded search such as you know commercial real estate firm in chicago for example. And then they find us online on Google or across other online directories. And what they do traditionally they end up visiting our website through those online directories or they end up clicking on directions.

Before Uberall we didn't know if our directions were correct, if we had the right telephone number, if we had the right postal address, if we had the right website link. Having the platform has been really beneficial for us to make sure that we could just relax and ensure that there was that consistency and uniformity across all our locations globally. Uberall definitely had an impact, a positive impact on me because that really helped me with my workload. Being the only person managing seo and local seo for global business is pretty challenging. So I needed not only a tool but also a partner to help me to achieve those goals. We've been working with Uberall for just over a year now and we noticed some really good results within six months. So just to give you an example we managed to increase our online visibility by 131 percent just within that six months. We managed to increase our maps discovery by about 47 percent and our search discovery by 52 percent which in the big scheme of things are really big numbers to achieve within six months of just using the platform. I just don't think we would have been able to achieve this without Uberall - that's for sure.

We'd love to help you create seamless hybrid customer experiences for your customers.