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Reputation Management

Optimise Your Online Reputation

Customer reviews are one of the most important channels brands can use to optimise their online reputation. By tapping into the power of reviews, you can improve the customer experience and stay ahead of your competitors. Customer reviews also influence your ranking in local search results, resulting in increased clicks, visits, number of prospects and sales.

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How Brands Can Grow Their Business By Creating 'Near Me' Experiences

Greg Sterling, VP of Marketing Insights at Uberall, discusses the the age of 'near me' searches and how brands can grow their visibility and engagement online and send more foot traffic to their stores offline.

Connect with Your Customers

Managing your online reputation wherever customers are talking about your brand includes identifying and monitoring your current and prospective customers’ feelings about your product, service or locations on more than one platform.

One of the best ways to optimise your online reputation when you have multiple locations is through customer reviews and comments on social media platforms.

Manage a Key Consumer Touchpoint

Many potential customers will form an opinion about your brand before walking through your doors (or clicking on your website) by consulting customer reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google first.

Take complete control over your online brand image with impactful reputation management solutions.

Even Slightly Better Reviews Significantly Boost Your Conversions

In the Reputation Management Revolution: A Global Benchmark Report, we looked at 64,000 location profiles on Google My Business and discovered that a review-star rating increase of only .1 could create a rise in foot traffic by 25%.

Take control of your online reputation and bring more customers to your business.

Improve Your Local Search Rankings

If your business already has local search visibility, a good review rating is crucial for establishing trust and helping consumers make their purchasing decisions. Every time your potential customers use words such as ‘best,’ ‘top,’ ‘great’ and ‘highest rated,’ Google will show them businesses with a review rating of 4.0 or higher in the results first.

By giving users the power to select the highest-rated businesses in a given area, reviews have become a major ranking factor in local search. The higher the review score of your business location, the more likely it is to reach nearby consumers.

Monitor and Analyse Your Review Data

Your reviews give you a wealth of customer data to spot and monitor trends. With Uberall Engage, you can easily highlight issues with specific locations, so you can act quickly and use the insights to predict similar problems in other locations.

Tap Into Reviews: Increase Offline Sales

The easiest way to take advantage of your reviews is by including them as a channel to leverage in your digital marketing plans. Start by getting your team to be more proactive with your existing customers and leads. This can be as simple as sharing location-relevant news, promotions and events across all your brand channels and networks at once.

Encourage your customers to review your business and then respond to reviews immediately, showing them that you appreciate their feedback.

Improve Your Online Reputation Now

Manage your online presence from head office, while giving your local managers and team leads the power to engage with their customers in real-time on review platforms from the individual locations they manage. 

From one easy-to-use, centralised platform your local managers and teams  can respond to reviews in seconds, upload images from an event or fire off a promotion on Facebook — all in real-time.

You decide how many employees have access to individual features at the local level: from setting editing and approval rights, to replies and posts.

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