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Build Customer Affinity with a Strategic Partnership

Uberall ‘Near Me’ Marketing Platform Helps Telcos Tackle Commoditisation and Win Corporate Customer Loyalty

Competition is fierce in the telco industry. With growing commoditisation and looming threats from competitors chipping away at market share—such as OTT entrants and eSim enablers—now is the time to invest and accelerate strategic partnerships. 

A strategic partnership with Uberall enables telcos to differentiate their services through extended digital capabilities in ‘Near Me’ marketing, providing strategic value-add solutions to minimise churn and enable long term retention.

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Differentiate Services with ‘Near Me’ Marketing

Did you know that 53% of all searches have a local intent? ‘Near me’ marketing helps businesses reach, engage and convert online consumers to brick-and-mortar locations—reaching customers at every touchpoint of the online-to-offline journey.

Uberall differentiates your offering to provide corporate customers with the local SEO tools and online visibility they need to win those end consumers. You will become an invaluable part of how SMBs and enterprises establish and support their brand.

Build Long Term Resilience Through Value-Added SaaS

Smart players within telco are already providing new, high-value SaaS services to help businesses reach and engage with their customers, and win their loyalty.

Uberall’s local brand experience services are the perfect adjacency to telcos’ core connectivity business for corporates, expanding digital capabilities to offer solutions such as listings management, reputation management and end-customer engagement.

Increase your Annual Revenue with Relevant, Sticky Bundles

Competitors are nipping at your heels, competing on price alone, and introducing new technologies that lower the barrier to switching providers. 

Uberall helps increase annual revenue per user (ARPU) for B2B subscribers with a modular, scalable digital marketing platform that you can fit into your existing bundles to provide a holistic view of the customer journey. 

Advanced analytics enables you to generate quick and visible results that show the impact you’re having on bottom line, strengthening customer advocacy and reducing churn.

Your Strategic Partner: Let’s Solve this Together

Through a consultative approach, Uberall takes time to understand your needs and how we can help you make the most effective and lucrative market impact. Dedicated support from partner success managers will help you design your offering and create the best digital solution suite for your corporate customers.

Whether you decide to co-brand, use the Uberall name, or opt for white label functionality, we have a solution that will work for you. Integrate and scale based on your business model and your customer needs. Plus, make use of our marketing materials and hands-on expertise to integrate Uberall smoothly into your portfolio.

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