New Restaurant Social Media Report from MomentFeed: 2013 Instagram Front-Runners

This week we published a brand new report on Instagram engagement from restaurant customers. Specifically, we looked at Instagram photos taken by customers and tagged to specific restaurant locations between December 18 and December 31, 2012 to identify the Instagram front-runners for 2013.

As the first of its kind, the report ranks 30 top restaurant brands in three categories: (1) total Instagram photos taken and place-tagged across all locations of the brand, (2) average number of Instagram photos per location for each brand, and (3) Instagram photos as a percentage of check-ins (Facebook and Foursquare combined) for each brand.

Total Number of Instagram Photos:

Top 3

Instagram Photos per Location:

Average number per location - Top 3

Instagram Photos as a Percentage of Check-Ins:

The Cheesecake Factory was the overall winner, but it's worth noting the top brands in the third category. Because of the strong correlation between check-ins and sales for restaurants, a look at photos as a percentage of check-ins gives us an idea of how many of each restaurant's customers take Instagram photos there. The brands that are not in the top of this category can use promotions such as Instagram contests and other incentives to increase photo-taking at their locations.

Instagram is a powerful way for customers to create compelling content around the brand experiences they're passionate about, such as exciting restaurant visits. And for the restaurant brands, these customer photos represent authentic, locally relevant content that should be shared with other fans, ideally through the local Facebook page for where the photo was taken. This is something the MomentFeed platform offers through its publishing features.

Read the full report with more than 60 restaurants brands.