3 New Ways to Simplify Location Data Management

For multi-location businesses, taking control of your location data management can feel like a daunting task.

It's one thing to keep each location's details current on your own digital platforms. But when you factor in all external platforms like search engines and social networks where you’d want to be present, the challenge can feel unmanageable.

At Uberall, we know that ensuring consistent information in the world wide web can be an uphill battle. But more importantly, we recognize that your location data is more than just another item to check off your list. It's an incredible asset that, when leveraged correctly, can power your brand's visibility and credibility.

Our mission is to equip businesses with streamlined solutions that not only simplify but optimize listings management. By continually evolving and enhancing your location marketing solution, we ensure that you're not just found but chosen by potential customers, fostering lasting loyalty.

This fall, we're thrilled to introduce three innovative features — Scheduled Updates, Local Location Services, and Photo Compression — that will simplify your local data management and make it work for you!

1. Plan Ahead with Scheduled Updates

Data accuracy and consistency are key to ranking high in local search results. So making sure your location data is always updated is paramount to your success.

With Scheduled Updates, changes to location information can now be planned out days, weeks, or months in advance. Set it and forget it as you focus on other initiatives that require just as much of your attention — like replying to reviews or localizing social media posts. This is especially useful for seasonal businesses that change their hours of operation frequently.

Uberall Listings Scheduled Changes

Picture this: you know your business hours will change two months down the line during Christmas seasons. Instead of setting a reminder and risking forgetfulness, you can now pre-set this change. When the scheduled day and time roll around, the update goes live automatically on your own properties — and syncs across all external directories!

The information that can be scheduled includes all fields on the location: basic data like opening hours and rich data like services; including photos and videos tabs. Updates can also be customized for individual locations or scheduled in bulk, catering to the needs of businesses both big and small.

1. Can multiple updates be scheduled for a location?

Yes, you can schedule multiple updates in advance for the same location. It’s possible to schedule updates for:

  • Several fields with different publication dates

  • Several fields with the same publication date

  • Same field with multiple updates with different publication dates

2. How many updates can be scheduled in advance?

You can schedule an unlimited number of updates.

3. Will changes to the location profile affect scheduled updates?

No, changes can still be made and published to a location profile without affecting the scheduled update. The only way to change a pending update is to reschedule or delete it, which can be done on the Scheduled Update Review page.

4. Can I use the bulk editor to schedule an update for multiple locations and time zones at once?

Yes. The Scheduled Updates feature is based on a location's timezone. This means that if all locations have an update to be published at the exact same time – regardless of timezone – multiple updates will need to be scheduled; one for each timezone. A change to opening hours that is applied in bulk, on the other hand, will publish at the scheduled time in each timezone.

5. Can I schedule same-day updates?

Yes, you can schedule an update for a later time on the same day. If the scheduled time has already passed in another timezone, it is even possible to “schedule in the past.” In this case, the Scheduled Updates publisher will push out the change when it next runs = every 30 minutes.

Unleash the Potential of Your Location Data

2. Enhance Your Local Listings with Local Services

Define and showcase the unique services your local businesses provide to elevate your visibility. In fact, it has a strong impact on your local seo and local search rankings.

Uberall Services Local Listings

Services in local business listings give search engines an indication and better understanding of what you’re offering on site. Google and Co are then more likely to shoot you to the top of unbranded search results. And that’s where consumers are searching for their next purchase.

3. Automate Photo Compression to Meet Directory Requirements

Images play a pivotal role in creating a compelling digital presence. However, the diversity of directory platform guidelines can sometimes make image uploads a cumbersome task, as you have to resize the image for each specific directory.

But even visual data management can be simplified with Uberall. Enter our Photo Compression feature.

With our new feature, any image you upload is automatically adjusted behind the scenes to meet publisher requirements. No fuss, just seamless photo uploads in no time!

At Uberall, we're constantly pushing the envelope to offer you the best. This fall's release is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. Whether it's automating updates, enriching profiles, or simplifying image uploads, we've got you covered. Where do you want to start?

Let us simplify your location data management