Uberall helps Byrider Respond to 98% of Reviews Within 17 Hours or Less

  • 77%

    Of locations have at least a 4-star rating - 15% YOY improvement

  • 98%

    Of reviews are responded to within an average of 17 hours

  • 42%

    Of relevant searches result in Byrider appearing in #1 organic search position - 13% YOY increase

"Uberall is a big part of my local marketing toolkit. I wouldn’t be able to communicate on a location-by-location level without it. It keeps everything at my fingertips."

Jay Brookens

Social Media Strategist, Byrider


Byrider is America’s largest “buy here, pay here” used-car dealership, helping people finance and own quality vehicles, regardless of if they’ve been turned down for traditional bank financing. Byrider has 150 locations, including 30 company-owned locations and more than 120 independent franchisees.

Even in the “buy here, pay here” niche, the automotive industry is fiercely competitive, becoming a digitally-driven purchase. In fact, 95% of car buyers conduct research online before visiting a dealership and more than half rely on online customer ratings.

Knowing the importance of online reviews to gain a car buyer’s consideration, Byrider needed a better way to manage the more than 2,000 reviews it secures each month across Google and Facebook. The increasing volume of reviews made it difficult for Byrider’s lean marketing team to keep up with responses and manage escalation for high-risk reviews.


To more efficiently manage and respond to reviews without adding internal headcount, Byrider partnered with Uberall's Engagement Services team to monitor and respond to reviews based on a pre-approved library of SEO-optimized responses. The team also built a clear escalation process to route high-risk reviews to general managers within hours.

One Platform to Manage Reviews, Social Media, and Listings

Byrider uses Uberall to monitor what customers are saying about its brand across all 150 locations and on all of the most important discovery networks like Google and Facebook. Byrider also leverages Uberall to keep its listings data complete and accurate, and to manage local social media pages and local social ads at scale.

Uberall is a big part of my local marketing toolkit. I wouldn’t be able to communicate on a location-by-location level without it. It keeps everything at my fingertips.

Jay BrookensSocial Media Strategist, Byrider

Review Response Made Easy with Engagement Services

Even with all the efficiency gains Uberall offers, reading and responding to 2,000 reviews and comments each month still requires a human touch. Byrider’s lean team of eight marketers did not have the bandwidth to add any extra work to their already hectic schedules. To help, Byrider turned to Uberall and its Engagement Services team to respond to all reviews in a timely manner.

If a customer takes the time to leave you a review, it is important to acknowledge and thank them. In this digital age, people want to be heard.

Jay BrookensSocial Media Strategist, Byrider

More Byrider Locations Rank #1 in the Google Local 3-Pack

Responding to reviews consistently not only helps strengthen customer relationships and earn potential buyers trust — it is also one of the five key factors that help with search ranking on local ‘near me’ proximity search. Businesses that actively manage their review profiles — securing reviews, maintaining a strong rating, and responding to reviews quickly — are rewarded on sites like Google.

As a result of more active review management with support from Ubearll's Engagement Services team, Byrider has improved its visibility on Google. In fact, 42% of relevant searches, like “used auto dealership near me” result in a Byrider location appearing in the number one organic search position, a 13% YOY increase. Additionally, Google My Business (GMB) listing views improved 8%, driving more than 509K clicks from Byrider’s GMB listings to their website in one quarter.

Leveraging Uberall to Tag Team Social Media with Franchise Owners

For Byrider, personalization on a local dealership level is crucial — dealerships often post pictures of new vehicles that come in, or celebrate when a vehicle has been sold. Jay’s approach when it comes to local social media is to get the franchise owners and store managers more involved in social media, taking pictures from their dealership and posting or working with corporate marketing to post. This partnership is key to driving personalized local content and engagement.

With Uberall's software and services we are able to respond to 98% of reviews, both positive and negative, which shows potential customers we take customer feedback seriously.

Jay BrookensSocial Media Strategist, Byrider

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