A Global Leader in Online Presence Management

Build your brand at the local level.
Get found everywhere it counts and seize the opportunity of local search.

See how it works.

A Global Leader in Online Presence Management

Build your brand at the local level.
Get found everywhere it counts and seize the opportunity of local search.

Consumers research online - and shop offline

Getting found in local searches means more sales for your business and less for your competition. Especially since consumers doing local online searches have already made the purchasing decision - theyre only looking for help deciding where to spend their money!

over 80% of all consumers search online for local businesses
up to 50% of those consumers will visit a location within 24 hours
on average 38% of those consumers shop locally as a result of their search

Our Features for your online presence

We do local Marketing. Easy and fast

  • Realtime Updates

    Update your profiles on our premium partner directories in real-time - for instant results

  • Premium Content

    Increase your visibility with premium content like product catalogues, videos, payment methods & more, available exclusively to uberall controlled listings

  • Central Inbox

    Centralize all your customer feedback in one place so that you can consolidate, filter and reply to ratings, reviews and any other feedback at any time

  • Google My Business API

    Update your presence on Google My Business and all other Google products in real time via the uberall API connection to Google My Business

  • Safeguard

    Protect all your directory profiles from manipulation by third parties - we run daily data checks and shield your profiles from any external attacks

  • Special Offers

    Push exclusive offers&promotions to all or individual locations listings quickly and easily. Track their performance so you know whats working

  • Import/Export Function

    Easily bulk import and export data to and from the Location Control Center

Follow your customers - increase your online footprint

By optimizing your local presence across Europe's largest network of more than 55 search platforms and GPS systems you reach over 98% of all consumer searches. Just let us do the work and enjoy many exclusive benefits.

But don't just take our word for it - read the press

Here is a sampling of what the press has to say about uberall

"Getting found on the web is becoming more and more important for local businesses. Because this is where consumers look for products and services before shopping locally. Berlin-based startup uberall.com offers help."

"How does a local store reliably get found on the web? By ranking high in search engines. Stores can achieve that by creating and maintaining lots of business listings that need to be highly consistent. Companies like uberall.com do that for you."

"Local businesses improve their search engine ranking with uberall and are getting found online faster, easier and more often than before."

"uberall enables local businesses to create and continuously maintain online business listings across the web in order to increase their overall online presence."

"DER Travel with its 500 travel agencies is uberall.coms next nationwide customer."

"The Barmenia Versicherungen trust in Germanys market leader for Online Presence Management, uberall.com."

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