Local Marketing Beat

Local Marketing Beat Episode #5: Social Ads

In this episode of the Local Marketing Beat, Christian Arriola speaks with Zach Perline, Store Marketing Coordinator at Daniel’s Jewelers and Matthew Swan, Solutions Engineer at Uberall.

  • Zach Perline has worked at Daniel’s Jewelers as the Store Marketing Coordinator for over 2 years. Previously, he worked in one of their stores as a retail salesperson.
  • Matthew Swan's started off in the nitty gritty technical SEO realm of websites to then switching into the local SEO niche. At Uberall, he guides clients, prospects, and colleagues to better understand our platform and its strategic value for businesses.

Together, they discuss:

  • Daniel’s Jewelers' unique rotating deals strategy—and the success it’s having

  • How to craft an accurate, up-to-date social ads plan

  • The role personalization plays in enhancing customer experiences

  • The future of local ads and location marketing

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