Use Your Restaurant's Menu to Boost Traffic with Google's New Update

What is more essential to potential customers than your restaurant's menu?

In Google My Business' (GMB) update announced today, they've shown just how important it is by giving your customers direct access to your restaurant's menu from Google search, maps and more.

Google's mission is to provide consumers access to relevant and timely information as efficiently as possible. Your mission is to get customers into your restaurant. These values have aligned beautifully as the process for a customer finding and choosing your restaurant has never been easier. The advantage to GMB's update is twofold, not only is relevant location information readily available, but Google will now be using your menu and signature dishes as keywords. Keywords such as "gluten-free pizza" or "Filet Mignon under $40" will be able to boost your ranking and therefore your restaurants visibility online.

Why Should I Care If I've Already Got A Menu Online?

You've set up your website, you've provided easy access to all relevant information, including your menu; why then, should you invest time on this?

The answer is simple:

1. Those extra seconds make the difference. Getting to your menu is one extra step on the user's decision path, Google removes any barriers and simplifies the decision.

"Oh, I love bbq ribs and it's right around the corner according to maps, let's check this place out"

2. Are you in the top 3 search results? Search engine results are only getting more precise as digital consumer's mature. Queries like "Coconut milk latte near me" are becoming more common and Google will use your menu to source this information. Don't leave money on the table and make sure your menu is optimized and searchable.

Your Customers Are Changing

Consumer behavior has been changing drastically with the adoption of mobile devices. Today's diners check their phone 150x/day and no less than 81% of them have their smartphones nearby almost every waking hour.

Customers are moving targets, your business needs to adapt.

Providing customers a simple interface to view your menu gives you one more chance to differentiate yourself against your competition. There is no need to change what you've done on your digital properties, GMB's update only requires the same menu information provided to a new source. Much like when Address and Phone information went from being accessed on your site to being accessed directly through Google, the purpose is to provide the best possible user experience.

Today, customers believe they should able to collect all of the necessary information with the fewest amount of steps possible. Embracing your customers' expectations and granting them the smoothest experience is what will put you ahead of the pack. Not to mention the ability to search by food items and use your new menu items to drive search volume, and ultimately foot traffic into your stores.

How Do I Make This Work For Me?

Updating Google My Business pages with menu data isn't currently available through the Google user interface. You'll need a partner like MomentFeed to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Our platform gives oversight to corporate while providing each location leeway to make their menus relevant for their customers. We provide Corporate the ability to create a "Master Menu" with all of the items, descriptions and prices. Local operators then have the ability to make subtle local changes like picking menu items (in case a location doesn't offer all menu items) and adjust pricing as needed.

Google My Business will continue to evolve as consumer behavior changes, the team at MomentFeed is eager to help you take advantage of each opportunity. If you have any questions, contact us.