Uberall 2023: A Year of Digital Evolution and Product Milestones

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on a year filled with innovation and growth at Uberall. In this wrap up article, we'll take you on a journey through the most significant product developments on our platform, making it even more powerful for multi-location businesses.

Leveraging the Power of Social Networks

During the summer, we've been busy innovating new features that help you boost your social reach and engagement. In response to the challenge of balancing global and local content, we revamped our tools, allowing businesses to achieve both global reach and local relevance seamlessly.

Social Ads Increase Online Traffic and Offline Purchases

Taking social marketing to new heights, Uberall Social Ads enables scaling from global to local effortlessly. Launching an ad across 100 or 1,000 locations is as simple as selecting a template, specifying the radius and budget, and initiating the campaign.

With automated A/B testing, businesses can maximize their return on ad spend. And based on granular reporting, you’ll quickly understand which campaigns drive the most conversions and which need improvement.

Publishing Calendar Let You Manage All Activities In One Place

The new publishing calendar ensures oversight of organic social activities, simplifying the content management process. In one view, you see past and scheduled content—including a post preview—and can directly create new content.

We’ve also improved the user interface, which safely guides you through the publishing process. New approval flows, on the other hand, make sure nothing gets published without your buy-in—and user rights define exactly who is allowed to create and/or publish content.

Central Inbox Brings All Customer Feedback Together

The central inbox brings all customer feedback into one interface—so you and your local operators or franchisees will never miss a message (again).

Introducing ChatGPT into our central inbox, we've also streamlined customer feedback responses. The new AI support suggests responses, making customer interactions smoother than ever.

Game-Changing Local Marketing Through AI

In a competitive market, connecting with customers effectively and running operations efficiently is crucial. To meet these challenges head-on, we introduced an AI layer to our platform in 2023, featuring a dynamic duo: our review and messages assistants.

Speed and Resource Efficiency

The AI-powered Review Assistant ensures quick responses to customer reviews, enhancing productivity and operational cost savings. This allows your team to concentrate on strategic initiatives and creative efforts, helping you achieve more with fewer resources.

Personalized and contextually appropriate suggestions foster genuine connections with customers. With just one click, you can auto-reply or craft a response based on the respective message.

Personalized and Accurate Customer Interactions

The AI-powered Message Assistant crafts experiences and recommendations tailored to individuals, driving higher customer satisfaction and conversion. In fact, it uses smart prompts to guide consumers towards local in-stock purchases.

Drawing from diverse knowledge bases, the Message Assistant provides detailed, precise, and compelling responses on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and web chat. This mostly definitely will raise the bar for customer experience.

Powerful Data Analysis and Insights

AI's predictive analytics and sentiment analysis capabilities enable businesses to remain agile and customer-centric across all locations. Specifically, they can forecast emerging behaviors and better grasp customer sentiments.

Whether it's managing unexpected feedback spikes at a particular location or refining marketing strategies. This proactive approach, supported by real-time decision-making, enables businesses to adapt swiftly.

Simplifying Location Data Management

Understanding the challenges faced by multi-location businesses in managing location data, we've introduced three innovative features to simplify listings management.

Plan Ahead with Scheduled Updates

With changes to location information now schedulable in advance, businesses can ensure data accuracy and consistency effortlessly. This feature is especially beneficial for seasonal businesses with frequently changing hours of operation.

Set it and forget it as you focus on other initiatives that require as much—and deserve more—of your attention. And best of all: updates both be customized for individual locations or scheduled in bulk, catering to the needs of businesses both big and small.

Enhance Local Listings with Local Services

Including services in local business listings provides search engines with insight into your offerings on-site. And this makes it more likely for Google & Co to elevate your business to the top of unbranded search results.

If you showcase the unique services provided by your location, you’ll elevate visibility and impact local search rankings. And with Uberall, adding local services is easy as pie.

Automate Photo Compression

Captivating digital presence relies significantly on images, but the varied guidelines across directory platforms complicate the task of uploading images in specific sizes. However, Uberall simplifies visual data management with a simple feature.

The new addition to our platform automatically adjusts any uploaded image behind the scenes to meet the requirements of different publishers. Enjoy effortless and swift photo uploads with no hassle!

Apple Business Connect Integration

In our continuous efforts to provide comprehensive solutions, we proudly introduced Apple Business Connect as our latest integration partnership in 2023. This collaboration adds another layer to our ecosystem of advanced directories enhancing the visibility and accessibility of businesses in the digital landscape.

Closing Thoughts

As we reflect on the milestones of 2023, we are proud to have played a key role in the digital evolution of location marketing. From enhancing social engagement to integrating AI capabilities and expanding our directory partnerships, Uberall continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

With over 100,000 Uberall users as of the end of 2023, we've become a trusted partner for businesses seeking excellence in the hybrid world– with over 1.2 million locations worldwide. Thank you for being part of our journey in 2023. Here's to a new year filled with even more growth, success, and digital triumphs!

If you’re already an Uberall customer, reach out to your success manager to find out more about which updates can set you up for success. And if you’re not an Uberall customer (yet) but want to find out more, let us know!

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