Boost Search Visibility & SEO with Local Landing Pages

As a marketer, your number one concern is getting consumers in the door. If they can't find your locations, they can't turn into customers. MomentFeed's Location Finder ensures your brand website has the current information consumers are looking for. It enables you to harness the power of search engines by providing accurate, authoritative information to boost SEO for every location.

With 82% of shoppers using "near me" searches to find retailers, brands must appeal to and influence consumers through mobile.1 As a marketer at a multi-location brand, you have a powerful asset in your mobile marketing strategy - the digital presence of your network of stores.

Being Visible is More Important Than Ever

You know the importance of being visible on the major networks such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp and Apple - approximately 80% of consumer engagement happens on these 5 major networks.2 But what about your brand website? Maintaining official local landing pages on your brand website is just as critical as managing pages on major networks like Google and Facebook, as a brand's website is one of the most authoritative signals that search engines use to recommend a location to consumers.3 Without relevant and accurate local landing page content, your brand is missing opportunities to increase sales and drive more consumers into your stores, restaurants or branches.

Make Your Locations a Consumer's First Choice

Consumers access information about your locations in multiple ways - search engines, review sites, social media - and your brand's website. The consistency of information across multiple networks and sites should be a key factor in your strategy to influence local organic search rankings. Combining this increased visibility with the right local information and calls-to-action to help consumers choose one of your locations is the foundation of a winning strategy.

Influence Search Rankings

Location Finder helps local SEO by leveraging the authority you've worked hard to develop for your brand website. By serving the location data that you're already managing in MomentFeed, Location Finder sends strong signals to search engines that these data are accurate. Location Finder also helps make sure local results on networks like Google and Facebook appear in search results by referring to these local assets via links. This, in turn, helps your local landing pages rank in organic search results. It's a virtuous cycle.

Create a Great Consumer Experience

Location Finder isn't just about SEO, though - it's also about creating a great consumer experience. Local landing pages play an integral role on your site, as they allow consumers to find, call, get directions and visit your locations. They are also an important part of e-commerce, enabling consumers to order online, make reservations and schedule appointments. When consumers find their way to your brand site from local search results, such as Google My Business or a local Facebook page, these local calls-to-action help convert them to customers.

MomentFeed Location Finder

Location Finder was designed to help multi-location brands like yours boost SEO performance, increase consumer engagement and ultimately drive sales and in-store traffic. It consists of a store locator, location directory and local landing pages. Built on MomentFeed's Mobile Consumer Experience Platform, Location Finder offers solutions to build your own local landing pages, or have them hosted by MomentFeed and appear on your brand's website on a subdomain or subdirectory.

Choose the Right Local Landing Page Option

MomentFeed recognizes that brands have different needs, expertise and resources when it comes to their official local landing pages, so we now have three options available: Templates, Widgets and Custom Pages. All were developed with SEO best practices and user experience in mind.

Templates (New)

Templates are configured and hosted by MomentFeed, and can be rolled out quickly with minimal effort by the brand. There are three templates based on the most popular designs among our clients, with more templates to come. They are designed as "mobile-first," focusing on quick page loads and the relevant information consumers need to see while on a mobile phone, including photos and calls-to-action.

Widgets (New)

Widgets enable your brand's development team or agency to enhance or build your own hosted local landing pages quickly using your MomentFeed data by adding simple, SEO-ready components that include markup. You can choose from multiple widgets - location details, menus, reviews, social icons, promotional images and custom buttons, which can be used for online ordering, appointments, reservations and more. To display the widget, the widget code is added to the local landing page to enable it to interact with the MomentFeed platform, and each widget can be customized with an external style sheet provided by your brand. As Widgets allow MomentFeed to manage the data and incorporate SEO best practices, your developers can focus on what they do best.

MomentFeed Location Finder widgets

Custom Pages

Custom Pages can be designed for brands who want unique local landing pages but don't want to host them. You can work with a MomentFeed designer to choose local landing page components from an existing library, including weather information and videos. All pages are branded with matching header, footer and CSS to provide a seamless brand experience. You also have the option of integrating with some of your brand's existing software, such as booking and reservation systems, weekly ads or trending products.

Store Locator & Location Directory

In addition to local landing pages, MomentFeed's Location Finder Templates and Custom Pages also include a Store Locator solution to help consumers find stores near them when they search on your brand's website, as well as a Location Directory to help search engine bots crawl your brand's local landing pages by providing a hierarchy of links related by geography. A Store Locator can be built and hosted by MomentFeed to supplement your use of Widgets.

Drive Sales and Foot Traffic with the Right Content

Location Finder harnesses the power of search engines by providing accurate, authoritative information on local landing pages to boost SEO for every location. Without relevant and accurate local landing page content, multi-location brands like yours are missing opportunities to increase sales and drive more consumers into your stores, restaurants or branches.

To learn how Location Finder can help your brand, connect with MomentFeed today.


2"Annual U.S. Mobile Apps," comScore, 2017

3"Local Search Ranking Factors Study," Moz, November 20, 2018