Orchestra’s Blueprint for Boosting Online Visibility and Revenue

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* % of views increase between 2020 and 2022 (before/after implementing Uberall) ** Traffic since implementing local pages (2021/04/01-2023/05/31)

Orchestra is a French children’s clothing brand with 407 stores in 29 countries. It relies on an extremely well-executed local marketing strategy to reach its ROI goals. We sat down with the Orchestra team to learn more about their success story, and what tools have proved most valuable over the last two years in supercharging their strategy. In this case study, the team shares results and best practices that you can also apply to further optimize your local marketing strategy.

Orchestra is in pursuit of two key objectives:

  1. Maximize efficiencies internally, making workflows and collaboration more seamless and ensuring a stronger customer experience. Stéphan Gury, Omnichannel Project Manager at Orchestra, highlights how important this is for efficiency in creating online and offline touchpoints.

  2. Boost online visibility, a key goal for Abdel Halim, Digital Acquisition Manager. Both of these initiatives share a common goal: Increasing online traffic and in-store footfall to generate more revenue.

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Internal Organization: The 5 Key Benefits of the Approach

Benefit #1: Immediacy

This was the game changer for Orchestra when deciding on a local marketing platform that could help it achieve its goals. Prior to Uberall, Orchestra relied on internal tools, but the publication process took too long—an average of 48 hours. The brand risked communicating inaccurate information to consumers, which posed a significant reputational risk. This risk increased with the emergence of the pandemic, which required time-sensitive updates on store hours and communication of ever-shifting health regulations.

Now, any updated information in Uberall is immediately live on the selected channels. That includes website, social media, and directories.

Benefit #2: Multi-Channel Distribution

This was another key factor for Orchestra Uberall offers multi-channel distribution on more than 40 directories in France, which is crucial for visibility. With a single click, Orchestra stores can display information on 40 platforms, ensuring up-to-date data everywhere.

Benefit #3: Responsiveness

Orchestra is quick to respond now that its responsiveness is achieved by empowered local teams to communicate in-store happenings. To provide autonomy to its stores, Orchestra needed to rely on the right tool—one that is easy enough to use to garner buy-in, yet effective enough to generate enthusiasm at all levels of the company.

Uberall was adopted by local teams in stages. The headquarters initially handled data cleanup and implementation, then structured the management of different Uberall accounts. Subsequently, local teams conducted training sessions, backed by the support and personalized advice of the Uberall team.

Benefit #4: Centralization

A centrally-managed online presence allows for easy brand image control and increased efficiency. It offers greater responsiveness, which shows customers that the brand cares. Minimizing errors and duplicates enhances credibility and ensures consistent presence everywhere.

Benefit #5: Local Social

If I had to choose a single favorite Uberall feature, it would be Local Social. I truly see Local Social as a modern flyer. In the past, when we wanted to spread a message locally, we printed flyers and distributed them near the store. Uberall allows us to do the same online, with a similar level of granularity. With a few clicks, we can launch and massively distribute a national, regional, or even store-specific campaign.

Stéphan GuryOmnichannel Project Manager, Orchestra

Focus on Local SEO

We asked Abdel Halim, Digital Acquisition Manager, to identify the main benefits of a good local SEO strategy.
With Uberall, it’s never been easier for Orchestra to manage and optimize its Google Business Profile presence in real time. Here’s how:

Benefit #1: Automation

The true added value of any marketing platform lies in time saved through automation. With Uberall, you can adjust various variables (name, keywords, postal codes, etc.) in a few clicks. Applying manual updates to over 400 establishments would otherwise be too time-consuming and ultimately not worth the expenditure of resources.

Benefit #2: A Variety of Advanced Options

Uberall has won over the Orchestra team by providing a range of advanced options, including:

  • All basic local SEO features (optimization of title tags, internal linking, etc.).

  • Displaying social media on store pages, which is appreciated by Google for SEO.

  • Adding Google Business Profiles categories on the Store Locator so Google can associate store pages with chosen keywords.

Benefit #3: Customized Service

Abdel Halim's expertise in local SEO maximized Uberall’s potential, and a true partnership was formed between Uberall and Orchestra. The two companies worked hand in hand to develop new widgets that addressed Orchestra's challenges.

An optimized Google Business Profile is an extremely effective way of increasing foot traffic, and ultimately, sales. Especially when you consider that the purchase rate within 24 hours of a local search is around 18% according to Google.

Abdel HalimDigital Acquisition Manager, Orchestra