Coop Supermarket Maintains Its Local Roots With Uberall Listings

  • +49%

    clicks on directions*

  • +50%

    clicks on calls*

  • +76%

    clicks on website*

“Search is often the first point of connection we have with our customers. With Uberall, we can easily connect our 300+ locations across the country with our members/customers — so when they look for the nearest Coop location, they’ll get to their local store seamlessly and without any surprises.”

Ramon Duisterhof

CRM Marketeer, Coop


Founded in 1891, Coop supermarket chain is one of the most recognizeable grocery retail brands in the Netherlands. Each year, millions of customers are served across more than 300 locations and an online grocery delivery portal. The supermarkets operate under the names Coop, CoopCompact and Coop Vandaag.

During the start of the pandemic, consumers were (and still are) turning to search to check if stores were open, close to them and had what they needed — making it more imperative than ever for grocery retailers to be found in those ready-to-buy moments. With Uberall Listings, Coop maintains its national brand reputation while keeping its local store information on par, in real time and from one platform.

The Challenge

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Coop was given a new role to add to its repertoire. That is, its employees and suppliers would become a lifeline to the neighbourhoods. This meant increased business, new safety regulations and changes that would need to be updated in real-time across the country.

This also meant that more than 86% of Coop’s customers were using search to proactively inform themselves about their nearest Coop online first. The task for Coop was to ensure that any changes to hours or new safety regulations were updated across hundreds of Google My Business pages and all the other platforms its customers use.

The Solution

Controlling everything from the Coop’s headquarters may have been easier, but this would take away ownership from the local supermarket managers and could lose the local personality their customers are accustomed to.

Because Coop was already empowered with Uberall Listings, it was a quick and seamless process for local store managers to instantly update changes to hours and other updates regarding regulations during the peaks of the pandemic.

The Results

Grocery stores are the places that everyone is still shopping at, if not more, during the global pandemic. For Coop, this has resulted in a 49% increase in clicks on directions, more than 50% more clicks on calls and a whopping 76% increase in clicks on website compared to the previous year.

With Uberall Listings, Coop has a simple and easy way to centrally update hours, ensuring their listings are always accurate, up-to-date and in real time.

*Q3 2019 vs Q3 2020