Uberall Partners With EV Charging Station Data Provider Eco-Movement

New deal enables EV charge point operators to show real-time charger availability alongside verified business information and attract more customers

DETROIT, MI (September 14, 2022) - Uberall, a global provider of hybrid customer experience (CX) solutions, today announced a partnership with Eco-Movement, the leading data platform for electric vehicle (EV) charge point data. In a global first, the partnership will enable EV charge point operators to showcase real-time data about chargers including charge type, wattage, and availability, alongside verified business information on search, map, and navigation platforms.

“The shift from fuel-powered to electric vehicles is taking place across the world, but a major barrier holding consumers back from purchasing electric cars is the uncertainty and difficulty in finding suitable charging stations nearby," said Florian Hübner, Uberall CEO & Founder. "To overcome this, it's critical that information about charging stations flows in real-time from business to consumer."

By 2027 there are expected to be nearly three million charge points worldwide, according to Statista. Although the number of charge points is growing, it's not easy for drivers to locate the nearest charger that meets their needs and know that it's available, due largely to the difficulties faced by charge point operators in managing and distributing their data. Eco-Movement helps solve this challenge by aggregating charge point data, including charger type and availability, into a uniform, accurate, and complete database.

“Too often, information about charging stations found online is inaccurate, which can be very frustrating for EV drivers and the charge point operators,” said Roderick van den Berg, Eco-Movement CEO & Founder at Eco-Movement. “Our goal at Eco-Movement is to make sure drivers can rely on correct charger information and help operators to present information about their chargers effectively. We accomplish this by leveraging machine learning and a full team of data specialists to ensure the charging stations' information is put into a uniform, accurate and complete database, and this new partnership will further help CPOs to verify the detailed business information on listings and showcase that rich knowledge to the world.”

Working with EV data platform Eco-Movement gives CPOs full control in managing and distributing their charge point data to services that help drivers find charging stations. The more information drivers have on the charging station and its location, the higher their confidence will be that they can rely on it. Uberall CoreX brings this together by enabling CPOs to maintain a complete and accurate online business profile for every charge point at scale. With the addition of essential charge point data, powered by Eco-Movement, Uberall will be the first provider to offer a complete online presence management solution for CPOs.

Compared to 2020, sales of new electric vehicles more than doubled in the past year, bringing EV sales to about five percent of global passenger car sales, according to the 2022 International Energy Report. This partnership will enable Uberall and Eco-Movement customers to establish themselves as leaders in the rapidly growing EV industry, by delivering convenience and confidence to drivers looking for a charging station near them.

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