Uberall Announces Partnership with Amazon Alexa

New deal utilizes Alexa’s voice activation features showcasing Uberall clients to consumers with up-to-date business information

LOS ANGELES, CA (July 12, 2022) - Uberall, a global provider of hybrid customer experience (CX) solutions, today announced a partnership with Amazon Alexa, helping brands and businesses increase visibility and connect with customers utilizing the leading voice assistant device. This new deal gives Uberall clients a competitive edge by ensuring that the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about their business is available on the largest voice assistant service on the market.

“More and more, consumers are turning to devices like Alexa for answers to virtually anything, making voice search a fast growing part of everyday life,” said Florian Hübner, Uberall CEO & Founder. “And with businesses having to rapidly update or change prices, pandemic guidelines, hours of operation, and more due to ever-changing world circumstances, it's important that Alexa users have the latest information.”

Due to the Uberall CoreX platform’s robust and custom integration, Alexa will be able to easily recommend Uberall customers to users of the voice activation devices based on types of requests and questions. Meanwhile, Uberall customers send their verified, cleansed data directly to Alexa, so that Alexa users always have the right information. This shared data includes locations, contact information, hours of operation, descriptions, business categories, menus, services and more.

Uberall customers will increase their chances of driving footfall to their physical locations as Alexa will recommend local goods and services utilizing location information. This will help customers promote their offering to Alexa’s millions of users who are usually searching with high buying intent in the local proximity.

“Uberall has been specializing in connecting consumers with the right local businesses since its founding,” says Tijs van Santen, Chief Customer Officer at Uberall. “With Amazon Alexa’s voice activation capabilities, the company is continuing that mission by enabling new and efficient information sharing devices that make it easy for consumers to find and choose what they want, when they want it.”

This partnership will increase the reach of Uberall businesses since Amazon has a dominant share of the U.S. market for smart speakers, accounting for over two thirds of devices sold from the summer of 2017 to 2021. In addition, the company’s decision to invest in voice activation is largely due to changing consumer and household habits, as approximately 40 percent of the United States population use voice search features according to eMarketer.

As a result of this partnership, Alexa will showcase Uberall customers and incorporate their most up-to-date information globally.

To learn more about voice search optimization with Uberall CoreX, visit here.

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