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Increase In-Store Visits and Revenue with Impactful Digital Marketing

With a 150% increase in “near me now” searches in just two years, more consumers are searching on their mobile phones for products and services than ever before. Consumers making these local search queries are ready to buy and more than half are visiting a store within 24 hours. Are your stores optimised to turn online searches into offline sales?  

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Make Your Shop Pop in Local Search

Are you struggling to keep your sales floor brimming with business? We know the challenges of standing out in a crowded retail market.

Today’s consumers are demanding and they expect to see products, content and promotions that are relevant to them online, before they step into your stores.

With our multi-channel approach, you’ll standout online and connect to more prospective customers on a global network that includes Google, Bing, Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram — plus 125+ others.

Ensure Your Hours Are Always Accurate

When your customers do their research, turn up at your storefront and find out that you closed an hour earlier, even though it says you are open online, chances are high they’ll lose trust in your brand.

Keeping your opening and closing times, special holiday hours and pop-up locations up-to-date isn’t something you can do once and forget about. It requires constant management on multiple platforms.

Take back your time and peace of mind. From the click of a button, ensure each and every location is consistent and correct across all platforms and directories. We promise it’s that simple.

Prime Your Stores for Voice Search

In our 2019 Voice Search Readiness Report, we analyzed over 73,000 business locations to assess whether they are voice search ready.

It's no surprise that retail is the most voice search ready industry, since it relies largely on foot-traffic for revenue. What is surprising is that more retailers weren’t voice search ready.

Retail locations that want to boost their visibility online when consumers are conducting 'near me' search queries must get voice and local search ready or they may lose potential customers to their competitors.

Empower Your Local Store Managers

Manage your brand’s online presence from head office, while giving your local store’s management teams the power to show off their shiny new wares on Facebook from the individual stores they manage.

From one easy-to-use, centralised platform your local store managers across the city (or countries) can respond to reviews in seconds, upload images from an in-store event — all in real-time.

You decide how many store managers and employees have access to individual features at the local level: from setting editing and approval rights, to responding to customer reviews.

Building the 'Near Me' Brand Experience: The Yves Rocher Story

How do you build a near me brand experience? Through local marketing by using a combination of proximity marketing and reputation management, Uberall has helped Yves Rocher increase clicks to their stores by 59%.

"We observe a very strong increase of interaction between the information found on the web and the fact that customers go to our stores" - Kuider Akani, Global Chief Digital Officer, Yves Rocher

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