How Smoothie King Franchise Managed 700 Local Listings, Increased SEO and Engagement

Smoothie King, a franchise corporation with nearly 700 locations across the U.S., needed to clean up its online listing information, take control of the local conversation on social sites and make sure customers looking for its franchise locations online could easily find them. These goals were driven by the wants and needs of the brand's franchisees, reflecting Smoothie King's emphasis on franchisee empowerment. The major issue faced was the presence of duplicate or otherwise undesirable pages on Facebook that the corporate office and, often, the franchisee didn't have any control over.

Deduplication and Consolidation

MomentFeed set about finding all of Smoothie King's Facebook pages, sorting them and determining which ones to keep. As one of the only official Facebook Marketing Partners, MomentFeed is permitted to merge duplicate pages and consolidate likes and check-ins into registered pages. This deduplication service is provided to all clients and leads to an instant boost in organic reach and engagement. In the case of Smoothie King, we removed over 1,500 duplicate pages and continue to consistently do this on a monthly basis.

We also reached out to Smoothie King franchisees to explain the benefits of sharing access to the pages with us for further optimization efforts in terms of local SEO and official association with Smoothie King's corporate presence. This approach allowed us to steer larger franchisees away from regional Facebook pages toward an individual one for each and every location they own, a strategy that Facebook itself supports. In addition, resulted in 94% of all Smoothie King locations to rank in the top 3 search results in local searches for the keyword – 'Smoothie'.

Balancing Needs and Improving Effectiveness

MomentFeed made sure to balance Smoothie King's strong commitment to franchisee individuality - one of the reasons it's long been ranked No. 1 in its market category by Entrepreneur - with the advantages of a more connected, cleansed and optimized local digital presence. By sharing access to pages and through the removal of duplicates, franchisees could choose how they wanted to approach social. They could tap into the resources of the corporate headquarters for help and additional content, but those who were dedicated to running their own pages themselves could take that route while still benefiting from improved SEO and the corporate connection.

This method allowed franchisees who felt overwhelmed with the demands of running Facebook pages for each of their owned locations a way to make the process manageable and effective. And thanks to the MomentFeed platform, no matter how many locations a franchisee owns, they now only have to access a single page to update as many or as few location pages as they want.

By partnering with MomentFeed, Smoothie King allowed franchisees to remain authentic at the local social level while boosting performance and visibility. This new approach encourages owners to pay more attention to social and benefits everyone involved, from the corporate office down.